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photo shoot ~ doyle family portraits, tulsa, ok

vibrant outdoor family photos001vibrant outdoor family photos002Oh, I love this family portrait session!

I’ve known Ashley for a few years now.  We met and got to know each other through our mutual friends Kevin and Melissa.  Ashley was super excited about our session, and she did a fantastic job at planning all of it!  She scouted out this perfect location in Tulsa for us to shoot, she chose wonderful outfits for her family to wear, and she brought some great props.  Seriously, all I had to do was show up with my camera and act a fool in order to get the kids to look at the camera occasionally. ;)vibrant outdoor family photos005But really, how gorgeous are these children?? vibrant outdoor family photos003vibrant outdoor family photos004vibrant outdoor family photos006vibrant outdoor family photos007vibrant outdoor family photos008vibrant outdoor family photos009vibrant outdoor family photos010vibrant outdoor family photos011Ashley, you are one hot mama!vibrant outdoor family photos012vibrant outdoor family photos013James and I became great friends during our session.  He’s pretty cool. vibrant outdoor family photos014My lifelong best friend, Jen, has amazing curly red hair, and her whole life people have always stopped her to tell her how beautiful she is.  Ashley said people have already started that with Julia.  She’s just so pretty!vibrant outdoor family photos015vibrant outdoor family photos016vibrant outdoor family photos017I had to include this one, because real life, y’all.. :)vibrant outdoor family photos018vibrant outdoor family photos019vibrant outdoor family photos020vibrant outdoor family photos022vibrant outdoor family photos021See what I mean about the perfect props Ashley brought??  Love this quilt and the throw pillows!vibrant outdoor family photos023Melt my heart….vibrant outdoor family photos024vibrant outdoor family photos025vibrant outdoor family photos026vibrant outdoor family photos027I adore the way Julia is looking at James in this next picture!vibrant outdoor family photos028vibrant outdoor family photos029vibrant outdoor family photos030vibrant outdoor family photos031Ashley, Doyle, and kiddos~

You guys are awesome!  I really, really loved taking your family photos.  Thanks for making my job easier and being so fun to photograph.  Looking forward to seeing you guys again soon, I hope. :)


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