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photo shoot ~ brittany’s headshots

B43Here’s an embarrassing fact: I never know if I should write “headshots” or “head shots”… My bff Dictionary.com doesn’t help me too much, considering it tells me either one is acceptable.  So today, I’m going with headshots, all one word – despite my computer putting a little red dotted line under it in protest. :)

Anyway.  This is my lovely niece Brittany.  She is going to college at Oklahoma City University with a theatre performance/education double major, and she needed some headshots.  I was happy to oblige and asked her to meet up at the Plaza District, which is one of my favorite areas in OKC.  There’s such a good variety of backgrounds available within a short walking distance, and we took advantage of the great location, nice weather, and pretty morning light.

black and white and yellow

B66B28B45Maybe I am biased because she is my niece, but I think Brittany is the best at doing subtle facial expression changes.  I mean, look at this – exact same pose with just a tiny difference in the expressions, yielding a different look in each shot!  Impressive. :)

colorful headshotsB12B77Usually I am battling the Oklahoma wind, but sometimes I don’t mind the little bit of supermodel-wind-machine look it kicks in at just the right time. :)


Thanks for being a fab poser and fun girl to hang out with. :)  I’m glad you chose me to do your headshots!  Love ya!


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