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photo shoot ~ andrew’s proposal to lindsey!

proposal pictures 005Last Friday evening, my friend Andrew proposed to his girlfriend Lindsey, and he asked me to be there to capture it all.  I loved it!!  We had met up the week before to plan, and then tweaked and confirmed it all over text messages and phone calls last week.  Andrew did a perfect job setting the whole thing up, and I loved getting to photograph this sweet moment for them!

Here’s how it went down:

Andrew planned a picnic at the little lake where they went on their first date.  {It was their thirteen month anniversary, and Andrew has a thing for the number thirteen.}

proposal pictures 001I got there before they did, and stayed out of sight while they parked and got things set up.  Once the picnic was underway, I moved a little closer, since Lindsey wasn’t really paying attention to anyone but Andrew at this point.  I also wore a hat and sunglasses and of course used by telephoto lens.

Andrew told me to watch for him to give her this little paper rose he had made.   proposal pictures 002Once I saw that happen, I began to move closer to capture it all.  At this point, it didn’t really matter if Lindsey saw me, because she was just trying to absorb what was happening!  It really was the sweetest thing ever to watch!proposal pictures 003She said yes, yay!proposal pictures 004proposal pictures 006proposal pictures 007proposal pictures 008proposal pictures 009Lindsey was so cute!  She kept saying, “Is this real?  This feels like I’m in a movie.”  Look how happy they are!  So great!proposal pictures 010proposal pictures 011proposal pictures 012proposal pictures 013proposal pictures 014proposal pictures 024proposal pictures 015proposal pictures 021proposal pictures 022proposal pictures 023proposal pictures 018proposal pictures 016proposal pictures 017proposal pictures 020proposal pictures 019Andrew & Lindsey~

Congrats to you both!  I am so happy for you.  You’re both wonderful people, and I am praying for a blessed engagement and marriage for you!  I truly loved getting to capture this perfect proposal!


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