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matt & kadie’s wedding ~ the exit

030 sparkler wedding exitWell, we have come to the final post from Matt & Kadie’s wedding. Sure, I could’ve included these with the reception pix, but the exit was just so cute that I wanted to give it it’s own post. I always love a good sparkler exit. I also enjoy it when an exit involves an outfit change! :)031 sparkler wedding exitThey’re just so happy! I love it.032 sparkler wedding exit033 sparkler wedding exit034 sparkler wedding exitThat look between Kadie and her mom. So sweet.035 sparkler wedding exitMatt & Kadie~

What a joy it was to celebrate with you and document your love! :) Thanks so much for trusting me. You guys are the coolest.023 church wedding receptionI’ll be back next week with a million and one portrait sessions! Plus some chatting about life, because I need to do more of that on here. :)

Happy weekend, friends!


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matt & kadie’s wedding ~ the reception

001 church wedding receptionLike everything else about their wedding day, Matt & Kadie‘s reception was awesome. And their wedding reception totally proved wrong an opinion I’d had about weddings before this. See, here in Oklahoma, I shoot weddings pretty often that don’t serve any alcohol. Might be unusual elsewhere, but here in the Bible belt, it’s pretty common. And I’ve always said that the only way to have lots of fun dancing happen at your wedding is to have alcohol available to your guests. Well, Matt & Kadie had no alcohol, and they and their guests danced the night away! So, I was wrong. Apparently, you just need to be a really fun couple whose friends and family love to dance! :)002 church wedding reception003 church wedding reception004 church wedding reception005 church wedding reception006 church wedding reception007 church wedding receptionProof that LifeChurch receptions can be pretty. Aka: proof that string lights really are magical and can transform any space! ;)008 church wedding reception009 church wedding reception010 church wedding reception011 church wedding reception012 church wedding receptionMatt’s grandparents owned the dance floor!013 church wedding reception014 church wedding reception015 church wedding reception016 church wedding receptionThe father-daughter dance morphed into a father-and-mother dance…017 church wedding reception018 church wedding reception…And then into a father-in-law-and-son-in-law / mother-daughter dance. It was great! :)019 church wedding reception020 church wedding reception021 church wedding receptionGrandparents dancing together during the anniversary dance always melts my heart.022 church wedding reception024 church wedding reception025 church wedding reception026 church wedding reception027 church wedding reception028 church wedding reception029 church wedding receptionSo much fun!

Just one more post to go, coming up later today…

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matt & kadie’s wedding ~ the ceremony

001 church wedding ceremonyMatt & Kadie‘s ceremony was beautiful, just like the two of them. Here are some of my favorite photos from it.002 church wedding ceremony003 church wedding ceremony004 church wedding ceremony005 church wedding ceremonyThe way they looked at each other…006 church wedding ceremony007 church wedding ceremony008 church wedding ceremonyDip that girl, Matt! :)009 church wedding ceremonyOh yes.010 church wedding ceremony011 church wedding ceremonyHaha! Loved this.012 church wedding ceremony013 church wedding ceremony014 church wedding ceremony015 church wedding ceremonyWhen we were walking out to take their portraits, Matt got Kadie a cup of water and I said something like, “Oh, look at you being a sweet husband.” And Matt was all, “HUSBAND! Yeahhh! I’m your husband, Kadie!” So cute. :)016 church wedding ceremonyWe’re down to just a couple of posts from this fab wedding. Stay tuned…

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matt & kadie’s wedding ~ the nephews

126 groom with baby nephewI mean, these nephews at Matt & Kadie’s wedding were just too cute not to share. :) Kadie’s nephew was the adorable ring bearer, and Matt’s nephew was a super stud poser during the family pix, as you can see in the photo above. I have three nephews myself, so I love seeing the bonds being formed here. So sweet!130 bride with ring bearer nephewHis face when he looked at his aunt in her wedding dress! #meltmyheart127 bride with ring bearer nephew128 bride with ring bearer nephew129 bride with ring bearer nephew131 bride with ring bearer nephewOh man. Those freckles and eyelashes!124 cute freckled ring bearer125 cute freckled ring bearerComing up next, the ceremony photos…

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matt & kadie ~ the siblings

043 bride with siblingsKadie’s sisters were part of her group of beautiful bridesmaids. I love the shot above of just the three of them. Then we had to include their brother Foster. {He’s always a good model for me, as demonstrated in his senior pix. :)}044 bride with siblingsI also loved this pic of Matt and his sisters. So sweet.022 groom with sistersNext up, a few pix of the cutie nephews… :)

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