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a photo shoot in the woods – mike & candace & their dogs

So in my last post, I shared the professional headshots I did of my dear friends Mike and Candace. Today, I’m sharing the sweet family photos we did of them in the woods with their dogs near Packwood, Washington. This was such a beautiful area to shoot in, with the prettiest trees!

Honestly these photos just warm my heart so much. Mike has been one of my closest friends since I was thirteen years old. He and I have watched each other go through a variety of life challenges, including some very questionable relationship decisions. lol. His relationship with Candace is the best one I’ve seen him in. Candace is just a warm and truly kind person. She is the real deal – sweet and fun and cute and cool! They’re pretty adorable together! And I love seeing Mike so genuinely happy at this point in life. I tend to be a little cynical about love, but Mike and Candace’s love encourages me to believe. :)

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realtor headshots – mike & candace

These are my lovely friends, Mike and Candace. They recently moved to the Seattle/Tacoma area and are embarking on a new venture there in real estate. I was able to get out there for a visit last month and got the chance to do some headshots for them. Here are some of my favorites.

I thought it was so cute how they coordinated their outfits. :)

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extended family portraits – the ward family

Last month, I did this fun photo shoot for one of my best friends, Angie. This year for their fall family session, Angie organized an extended family session with her Ryan’s side of the family. It was a beautiful, warm day in Oklahoma, and as an added bonus, there was no crazy wind. :)

We did the session at Hafer Park in Edmond. There are so many great spots there to shoot. Here are some of my favorites of this gorgeous family.

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Professional Headshots – Molly

Molly contacted me to get some updated professional headshots taken. I really enjoy doing these types of sessions. They are different than family portrait sessions in that you are going for a more polished, professional image instead of capturing in-the-moment expressions and family member connections/emotions. So it’s fun for me to get to work at capturing people looking their best in flattering poses, with expressions that are genuinely pleasant but professional too. Molly also let me do a bit of wardrobe consulting before we shot, which is something I enjoy.

We did the session at The Cove, which is a co-working and event space where I have a membership. It provided us with the perfect backdrops, both indoors and outside. Here are some of my favorites from Molly’s headshot session.


I think your chosen profession is so cool. And I love how your headshots turned out! Thank you for having me do your photos.


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Family Portraits – ReMerge Oklahoma Graduates

I have to start this blog post by telling you about my friend Jenna, because without her I wouldn’t have gotten to meet these lovely ladies and  photograph their families. See, Jenna is a connector. And she is an activist in our community. Jenna knows people, you know? And she gets things done. Good things – I’d even say great things! Jenna has been instrumental in the rise and growth of many awesome individuals and organizations. I’m just lucky to have met Jenna years ago. I photographed her engagement and wedding and have done her family photos every year. But that’s just the beginning. Jenna has connected me to to so many different organizations and photography jobs. I am forever grateful for her friendship and her faith in my talent. Just had to give her a little shout out to show my appreciation.

So a few months ago, Jenna asked me to do a quick photo shoot of some ladies over at ReMerge. (Please click that link and check out the ReMerge website to learn about this great program!) Jenna founded an online community for moms called Mom Who Works, and she was featuring (on the MWW Instagram page) some of the incredible moms in recovery at ReMerge. So I went and did the shoot, and I was so touched by the love and joy of everyone I met at ReMerge that day. I was thrilled when they contacted me again later to see if I would photograph their current graduates with their families. Here are some of my favorites from the sessions I did for the grads.

BIG CONGRATS to each of these amazing ladies for completing the program at ReMerge. I was moved to tears as I watched their graduation ceremony on Facebook live. They each overcame so much to get where they are today!

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