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tulsa family photos – coleman family

Last November, I did this session for my dear friends Kevin and Melissa. We continued our yearly tradition of Melissa picking great outfits and a perfect location and me taking way too many photos of this sweet fam. :) Anyway, here I am two months later finally sharing a bunch of my faves.

(By the way, if you’ve been keeping up with the last several sessions I’ve shared, I just want to highlight the fullness of this particular weekend…it started in Dallas, where I did two sessions on Friday night and Saturday morning. Then I drove back to OKC on Saturday and went on an overnight camping trip with the mentoring group who I volunteer with, then on Sunday afternoon I had a three part session in OKC. After that, I drove to Tulsa for this shoot! It was a lot. But I truly loved every minute of it!)

Anyway, here is the Coleman family looking so cute at the Philbrook in Tulsa.

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okc fall family photos – worthen family

You know one thing I love about my friend Jenna? She knows how to get things done. This shoot day at her home was the perfect example of that. She booked me to come photograph her daughter’s baby dedication ceremony and smash cake one year old celebration, and we knocked out family pics while I was there. So smart for people with busy schedules (that’s everyone these days, right?!) to do multiple sessions on the same day when possible. :)

Anyway, here are some faves of Jenna and Trebor’s awesome fam.

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one year old smash cake pics – june worthen

Yesterday, I shared photos from sweet June girl’s baby dedication. That same afternoon, June’s mama Jenna had a smash cake for June to eat in celebration of turning one. It’s always so fun to photograph babies eating their smash cakes. They have no idea what to think of all that sugar! June was so cute eating her cake. And she had a bit of help, too. :)

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[…] one year old smash cake pics – june worthen […]

baby dedication photos – june worthen

Last November, my dear friend Jenna asked me to come photograph her daughter’s baby dedication and one year old birthday celebration all wrapped up into one outdoor, intimate, joyous occasion. My friend Scott was the pastor who dedicated baby June. My heart was so moved by the sweet words of faith and hope spoken over June that day. I know that her parents, Trebor and Jenna, are people who will continue to pour out love and offer godly guidance to their daughter.

It feels fitting to share these photos on the same day as our great nation inaugurates a female Vice President for the first time ever. The future is so full of possibility for the all the daughters out there! What hope lies before us.

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[…] baby dedication photos – june worthen […]

texas family photos – britz family

Sometimes in life you just gotta roll with the punches. And you know what, sometimes that can lead to you rock and rollin’ your way into something very cool. :) Okay, that was a super cheesy opener, but it’s perfect for the session I’m sharing today. See, I had booked two hours at The Lumen Room in Forth Worth, TX; one hour for the last session I shared (the Gussis family) and one hour for this lovely family I’m sharing today (the Britz family). But Eileen messaged me on their way to their session to let me know their daughter had just gotten sick in the car. :( I was only going to be in Texas until the next morning, so we agreed to play it by ear and see how their daughter felt the next morning.

That night, my best friend and I went exploring to find a possible place for a photo shoot. When I’m in OKC, I can come up with a million great locations at the drop of a hat, but I’m not as familiar with the area north of Dallas/Ft Worth, which is where I was staying with my friend and also where the Britz family lives. But we ended up in the magical little town of Roanoke, TX. I loved it! I messaged Eileen and she said they love that area, too, so we met there first thing the next morning (once Eileen had determined her daughter wasn’t sick still), and we got these cute pics. I really enjoyed shooting there! And I’m super appreciative of my great clients who roll with the punches when needed.

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