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think thrifted ~ sheer, textured, perforated, cool

thrifted nude outfit 3Well I finally convinced Grace to let me do some thrifted outfit photos of her, and I can’t wait to post all we took.  We will start off with what was probably my favorite of the outfits we came up with.  In case you’re new around here, I like to do these style posts from clothes and accessories I find at thrift stores.  I also love playing hair and makeup artist for these shoots.

Let’s talk about what we’ve got going on here….

This is another monochromatic outfit, which I still haven’t tired of.  In order to keep this look from being too bland or reading too one dimensional, I darkened Grace’s brows and used a pop of coral lip color.  I love how these two beauty styling choices really brought out her blue eyes!  If you ever feel like an outfit needs something, try a little makeup tweak.thrifted nude outfit 2Grace’s ears aren’t pierced, but no worries, because I just happened to have this one cool clip-on earring lying around.  I am really digging the one-statement-earring thing.thrifted nude outfit 6thrifted nude outfit 4A grey and beige cross body bag and matching pearl bracelets were the perfect compliments to the rest of the look. thrifted nude outfit 8I love the open weave front and sleeves and the sheer back of this top!  {Fun fact: I found a green shirt just like this except a larger size at the same thrift store on the same day.  You can see me wearing it here in Alaska! :)}thrifted nude outfit 5thrifted nude outfit 7This floaty little skirt is the coolest.  It’s hard to go wrong with perforated faux leather, right??  Or is that just my opinion..?  Seriously, though, the shape and color take this skirt from edgy to casual-cool really easily.thrifted nude outfit 1Nude heels with silver accents were the perfect way to finish off this look. nude heels with silver accentsHope this post provides some fashion inspiration for you this week.  I’ve got a whole line up of styled outfit posts coming up, so stop back by soon.

Happy Monday!


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sparkler love and fourth of july chatter

sparkler engagement photos 4The Fourth of July might be over, but I’m still riding high on all things red, white, blue, and sparkly.

These images are a very small sampling of the epic engagement session I did for my lifelong {since third grade!!} friend Jake and his fiancée Colby in Naples, Florida.  I meant to share these last week, in a timely manner for Independence Day, but I got so busy holiday-ing that here we are at July 7th and they’re just now going up.

So in these next couple of pix, Jake and Colby were still working on perfecting their light-heart {heart-light?}, but I had to share them anyway because look how the lightning lit up the background, y’all!  As I was editing these, it occurred to me this might not have been the safest thing I’ve ever done, but I didn’t even think to worry about the lightning at the time.  Ha!  I’m pretty sure it was off in the distance anyway. sparkler engagement photos 1sparkler engagement photos 2sparkler engagement photos 5sparkler engagement photos 3I’ve got about a million more photos I love from their engagement session, so I’ll have to do a proper post on it soon; but I just wanted to share these fun sparkler ones today, and chat about life lately….

I had a wonderful Fourth of July weekend.  Friday was pretty chill.  It started off with a bootcamp workout session, because this has been my life lately {I know, even I can’t believe it}.  Then I was off work from my office job, so my girl Grace and I had a wonderful brunch at Cafe Antigua before we did some shopping at the Route 66 store in 50 Penn Place.  Oh my word, I could write a whole post about this store {and maybe I will soon}!  I hadn’t been in there in years, and now I want to go back every day.  Seriously, they have the best selection of handmade soaps, cards, coffee mugs, jewelry, Oklahoma-made chocolate, and more!  The clothing they sell is gorgeous, even if it is a bit out of my price range.  If you live in OKC, drop in there!  {Pssst: they will give you unlimited free samples of any fabulous soaps you want to try.}  Anyway, enough raving about my new old favorite store.  After we went there, we walked downstairs to Full Circle Bookstore, where I picked up a copy of Paper Towns.  I read the entire thing that evening at home, while munching on homemade guac and sipping lemonade made by my grandma.  I’d say it was pretty much a perfect day!

On Saturday, for the Fourth, I went and did a Crossfit workout with some friends because who am I and what is my life??  Ha.  No really, I did it because they were doing my brother’s Hero WOD {workout of the day}.  If you’re familiar with Crossfit at all, you know they have Hero WOD’s in honor of fallen soldiers.  So there’s one for my brother.  And some good friends of mine go to this one Crossfit Box {Crossfit Lake Hefner}, so they asked me to come.  I got to say a few words about Jack before the workout, and it was a really cool way to start off Independence Day.  After that, I just chilled at the pool with my friend Angie before getting dinner downtown and watching fireworks at home in Bethany.

So, overall, my Fourth of July weekend was pretty perfect.  I’m in a season of peacefulness, and along with that comes so much gratefulness.  Life is good, and that’s the way it should be..


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wonderful wedding wednesday ~ a throwback look at meg & billy’s special day

IMG_1598This beauty here is my dear friend Meg.  She is fun and funny and completely genuine and unafraid to be herself, all the time.  She’s one of my favorites, for sure.

A couple of days ago, we were chatting on the phone, and she mentioned that I never posted her wedding photos on my blog.  It’s true, I never had posted any of them before, just like with a ton of weddings I’ve never posted.  Shame on me!  I told her, like I’ll tell y’all, I think it’s because I spend so much time going through the wedding and editing the photos to get them back as quickly as possible to my clients, and then it’s really difficult for me to narrow down literally hundreds of photos to a handful of favorites to post.  So, that’s my reason for not blogging weddings like I should, but it’s not really a good excuse.  I just need to work harder at it!  And I’ve mentioned before that I want to start posting random wedding posts on Wednesdays, in order to get some lovely wedding photos off my old hard drives and onto Pinterest. ;)

Since Meg & Billy recently celebrated their two year anniversary, I thought it was a great time to share some of my favorites from their special day. IMG_1580IMG_1636Meg had really cute, cool wedding shoes.  The wedge heel was perfect for her outdoor wedding in a park.IMG_1639I love how big their smiles were right before they were about to see each other.  So sweet!IMG_1732IMG_1728IMG_1738IMG_1744IMG_1867IMG_1797IMG_1731IMG_1956I loved all of the bridal details: the brooch bouquet, the red sash, the perfect bow hair updo, the birdcage veil!IMG_2174Billy’s two younger children were the adorable ring bearer and flower girl.  It was a windy day, so they were trying to get the petals to fall in the aisle instead of blow away.  Too cute!IMG_2229IMG_2260A gazebo plus pinwheels plus blankets spread on the ground equals the perfect little park wedding setting.IMG_2283IMG_2313IMG_2302Hi, Meg. :)  Here, you can see Billy’s two daughters in the background.  I have to insert a sentimental thought: over the past two years, it’s been very cool to see Meg take on the role of stepmom and learn to embrace it and thrive as a stepmother to Bill’s kiddos! IMG_2296Gimme those curls. :)IMG_2300IMG_2334IMG_2360The day ended with some kite flying, like every wedding in a park should.IMG_2460Meg,

Thanks for reminding me to post some images from your wedding.  It was fun to relive that special day and think about how far you’ve come.  I love being friends with you and Billy and watching you guys grow in your love for each other and in your pursuit of God. 

I love you so much and am looking forward to many more sweet, fun, crazy memories made with you. :)


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think thrifted ~ all blue everything {even the lips!}

thrifted blue colorblock outfit 044This is a fun thrifted look in sweet summertime blue. thrifted blue colorblock outfit 043thrifted blue colorblock outfit 047I know we took it to funky town with the blue lips and all, but really if you break down the pieces, you could rock an outfit like this at the office – just switch out the sandals for pumps and maybe go with a more traditional lip color. Or you could wear it as is for a fun weekend look. thrifted blue colorblock outfit 037thrifted blue colorblock outfit 038thrifted blue colorblock outfit 040thrifted blue colorblock outfit 041thrifted blue colorblock outfit 042It’s so easy to find cute pencil skirts at thrift stores!  I like the details on this one, with the darts for a great fit and the perfect little side slit.thrifted blue colorblock outfit 045As I mentioned, we upped the funk factor with some intense blue lips {courtesy of Urban Decay’s Electric Palette}; but as you can see, I chose to keep the eye look pretty bare in order to let the lips take center stage. thrifted blue colorblock outfit 046thrifted blue colorblock outfit 048Summer is the perfect time to experiment with bold colors, in makeup and in clothing.  Have some fun!  At the end of the day {or the beginning, if you end up hating how it all looks on you}, you can wash off the bright makeup and try a different outfit tomorrow! :)


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photo shoot ~ andrew’s proposal to lindsey!

proposal pictures 005Last Friday evening, my friend Andrew proposed to his girlfriend Lindsey, and he asked me to be there to capture it all.  I loved it!!  We had met up the week before to plan, and then tweaked and confirmed it all over text messages and phone calls last week.  Andrew did a perfect job setting the whole thing up, and I loved getting to photograph this sweet moment for them!

Here’s how it went down:

Andrew planned a picnic at the little lake where they went on their first date.  {It was their thirteen month anniversary, and Andrew has a thing for the number thirteen.}

proposal pictures 001I got there before they did, and stayed out of sight while they parked and got things set up.  Once the picnic was underway, I moved a little closer, since Lindsey wasn’t really paying attention to anyone but Andrew at this point.  I also wore a hat and sunglasses and of course used by telephoto lens.

Andrew told me to watch for him to give her this little paper rose he had made.   proposal pictures 002Once I saw that happen, I began to move closer to capture it all.  At this point, it didn’t really matter if Lindsey saw me, because she was just trying to absorb what was happening!  It really was the sweetest thing ever to watch!proposal pictures 003She said yes, yay!proposal pictures 004proposal pictures 006proposal pictures 007proposal pictures 008proposal pictures 009Lindsey was so cute!  She kept saying, “Is this real?  This feels like I’m in a movie.”  Look how happy they are!  So great!proposal pictures 010proposal pictures 011proposal pictures 012proposal pictures 013proposal pictures 014proposal pictures 024proposal pictures 015proposal pictures 021proposal pictures 022proposal pictures 023proposal pictures 018proposal pictures 016proposal pictures 017proposal pictures 020proposal pictures 019Andrew & Lindsey~

Congrats to you both!  I am so happy for you.  You’re both wonderful people, and I am praying for a blessed engagement and marriage for you!  I truly loved getting to capture this perfect proposal!


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