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think thrifted ~ denim & linen

denim and linen thrifted outfit 028Denim has been having its “moment” in fashion for….awhile now.  But over the next few months, we will be seeing more and more of it, and the more detailed a denim piece is, the better – for now, anyway.  I’m sure the denim trend will swing back to more plain pieces at some point, so jump on this trend soon.  It’s easy and fun to be current with denim, because thrift stores almost always offer up a range of denim pieces to choose from.  This denim top and these linen shorts were both thrifted.

Even though magazines and even some fashion bloggers have started to jump ahead to fall clothing, in reality we are in the midst of hot, hot summertime.  So here’s some super summery fashion inspiration for you all this week.denim and linen thrifted outfit 027denim and linen thrifted outfit 030denim and linen thrifted outfit 031These linen shorts were just fine the way I found them, but I chopped off the bottom under the hem seam in order to let the raw edge fray a bit.

I don’t always love heels with shorts, but I did love the way these nude booties perfectly matched Briana’s gorgeous skin tone, and I like how they dress up the outfit a bit.  I think this would make a great casual date night outfit. denim and linen thrifted outfit 029A little swipe of eyeliner to match your top {or anything else you’re wearing} is very right-now also. denim and linen thrifted outfit 032Happy Monday, friends!


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brian & aymee’s sweet wedding

sweet small church wedding 010Last week, Brian & Aymee got married in a sweet, intimate ceremony in Mustang, Oklahoma.  I’ve known and been friends with Aymee for several years now, and I am so happy to see her find such love and joy with Brian!  It was an honor to be part of their special day.sweet small church wedding 001sweet small church wedding 002sweet small church wedding 003sweet small church wedding 005Brian and Aymee chose to see each other before the ceremony, which worked great for them, as it helped calm some of the wedding day nerves and allowed them to have a little private time together before standing in front of everyone. sweet small church wedding 006sweet small church wedding 007sweet small church wedding 008sweet small church wedding 011sweet small church wedding 009sweet small church wedding 013Isn’t the lacy back of Aymee’s dress so pretty?  I loved it!sweet small church wedding 012sweet small church wedding 014sweet small church wedding 015sweet small church wedding 020sweet small church wedding 021sweet small church wedding 022sweet small church wedding 023sweet small church wedding 024sweet small church wedding 016sweet small church wedding 018sweet small church wedding 019sweet small church wedding 017sweet small church wedding 004sweet small church wedding 026sweet small church wedding 025Brian & Aymee~

It’s been an encouragement and blessing to me to get to be a small part of your love story.  I loved photographing your engagement portraits and wedding day!  Praying for so many blessings on your life together!


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think thrifted ~ denim on denim, with a twist

thrifted denim outfit by abi ruth 34I always like to start the week off with some style inspiration, so here’s another thrifted outfit, styled and photographed by me, and modeled by the supermodel known as ShaKari.  :)

For this look, we did denim on denim, but mixed it up by pairing grey denim with dark denim {a combo I love}! thrifted denim outfit by abi ruth 31thrifted denim outfit by abi ruth 37The details are where it’s at!  I love the pockets, the stitching, the buttons – all the construction details of this top!  {It could just as easily be paired with a pencil skirt.}

The folded-over pocket, raw hem {I chopped these} and studs add a cool rocks star element to these shorts.thrifted denim outfit by abi ruth 32Since both of these pieces are so detailed, we kept the styling simple.  Just a simple side braid and glasses, along with nude lips, are enough to complete the look.thrifted denim outfit by abi ruth 33thrifted denim outfit by abi ruth 35thrifted denim outfit by abi ruth 36We also took just a few of ShaKari and Briana together in their denim tops.  I’ll share Briana’s outfit here this week.thrifted denim outfit by abi ruth 38

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gregory & susan’s rooftop wedding in oklahoma city

Oklahoma rooftop wedding 20This past weekend, I had the privilege of photographing Gregory & Susan’s beautiful rooftop wedding here in Oklahoma City.  I’ve known Susan for several years now, and I loved seeing how radiantly happy she was on her wedding day!  Here’s a little preview of the wedding photos for Gergory & Susan to enjoy while they’re off honeymooning.Oklahoma rooftop wedding 01Oklahoma rooftop wedding 02I photographed both of Susan’s children for their senior portraits.  Here you can see one of Ryan’s photos which is hanging in Susan’s office.  :)Oklahoma rooftop wedding 04Oklahoma rooftop wedding 03Oklahoma rooftop wedding 10Oklahoma rooftop wedding 08

Susan & Gregory got married on the rooftop of Susan’s office building, which provided a lovely backdrop of downtown OKC!

Oklahoma rooftop wedding 11Shout out to my girl Cassie for being a great model here! ;)Oklahoma rooftop wedding 12Oklahoma rooftop wedding 13Oklahoma rooftop wedding 14Oklahoma rooftop wedding 15Oklahoma rooftop wedding 16Oklahoma rooftop wedding 17Oklahoma rooftop wedding 18The Oklahoma wind was out in full force for the evening, which added some great effects like this perfect veil placement. :)Oklahoma rooftop wedding 19Oklahoma rooftop wedding 24Oklahoma rooftop wedding 25Oklahoma rooftop wedding 21Oklahoma rooftop wedding 26Susan always has the coolest nails, and I was obsessed with the design she had done for her wedding day!Oklahoma rooftop wedding 22Oklahoma rooftop wedding 23Susan’s daughter Brenna made and decorated the wedding cake.  Didn’t she do an amazing job?!Oklahoma rooftop wedding 09No photographer can resist a good mirror pic.Oklahoma rooftop wedding 07They got married on July 11, so…….7/11.  Love it!Oklahoma rooftop wedding 06Oklahoma rooftop wedding 05Oklahoma rooftop wedding 27_MG_4964_1Oklahoma rooftop wedding 28Oklahoma rooftop wedding 30Oklahoma rooftop wedding 29Susan & Gregory~

Hope you’re having a fabulous time on your honeymoon!  Thank you so much for letting me be part of your special day.  It was beautiful!!


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think thrifted ~ olive green dress with bow & boots

thrifted olive green dress with boots 5Here we have my fabulous model Briana wearing a thrifted olive green dress adorned with a bow.  Instead of taking this dress into sweet territory, we kept it edgy by styling it with bold makeup and tough-girl leather biker boots.  I love the contrasts going on here.  And Briana, with her gorgeous natural curls, totally rocked this outfit!

thrifted olive green dress with boots 1thrifted olive green dress with boots 2thrifted olive green dress with boots 3Sometimes the only accessories needed are bold lips and big hair.  So good! thrifted olive green dress with boots 4thrifted olive green dress with boots 6thrifted olive green dress with boots 7thrifted olive green dress with boots 8Happy Tuesday and happy thrifting!


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