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photo shoot ~ adam & sami’s sweet engagement photos – with a special appearance by their hilarious dog, hunter

outdoor oklahoma engagement photos 002I’ve known Sami since she was a preteen.  Her mother, Stephanie, is a good friend of mine.  Stephanie and I attended photography school together and then went on to work there together for the next several years.  That was such a fun time of my life!

It’s really cool to see Sami all grown up and happy-in-love with Adam.  We ventured out around Bethany and Mustang, Oklahoma, for these photos.  The light was so very pretty for us!  I am quite happy with how this session turned out, right down to their wild pup {their words, not mine ;)} acting like a well-behaved gentleman for the photos. :)outdoor oklahoma engagement photos 001outdoor oklahoma engagement photos 003outdoor oklahoma engagement photos 004outdoor oklahoma engagement photos 005outdoor oklahoma engagement photos 009outdoor oklahoma engagement photos 008outdoor oklahoma engagement photos 007outdoor oklahoma engagement photos 006outdoor oklahoma engagement photos 010outdoor oklahoma engagement photos 014outdoor oklahoma engagement photos 013outdoor oklahoma engagement photos 015outdoor oklahoma engagement photos 011outdoor oklahoma engagement photos 012outdoor oklahoma engagement photos 016outdoor oklahoma engagement photos 017outdoor oklahoma engagement photos 018outdoor oklahoma engagement photos 020outdoor oklahoma engagement photos 021outdoor oklahoma engagement photos 019outdoor oklahoma engagement photos 022outdoor oklahoma engagement photos 023outdoor oklahoma engagement photos 028outdoor oklahoma engagement photos 024outdoor oklahoma engagement photos 025outdoor oklahoma engagement photos 026outdoor oklahoma engagement photos 027Look at Hunter – he’s so handsome! :)outdoor oklahoma engagement photos 034Okay, maybe he let his wild side peek through a couple of times.. ;)outdoor oklahoma engagement photos 033outdoor oklahoma engagement photos 032outdoor oklahoma engagement photos 030outdoor oklahoma engagement photos 029I love, love this one!! outdoor oklahoma engagement photos 031Sami & Adam~

I had a blast shooting your engagement pix, and I am really looking forward to your wedding day next month!  Also, maybe you should look into booking Hunter some dog-modeling gigs.. :)


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[…] makes me happy.Sami and Adam will be celebrating their 1 year anniversary this October. {See their engagement photos here and beautiful fall wedding here.}We saw various sea creatures during and after our shoot. This […]

photo shoot ~ andrew & lindsey’s beautiful engagement session

oklahoma engagement photos 002Continuing on with posting some of the lovely couples I’ve been blessed to photograph this summer, here are Andrew & Lindsey’s engagement photos. {You can see their very sweet proposal photos here.}

I’ve known Andrew for several years now, and he is one of the best guys I’ve ever met.  He found his perfect match in Lindsey, who has a heart of gold!  Their love is so sweet and pure, and I love being their photographer.

For their engagement session, we met up in Bethany, Oklahoma, and wandered around to some spots I have been wanting to shoot. oklahoma engagement photos 003oklahoma engagement photos 001oklahoma engagement photos 004oklahoma engagement photos 005oklahoma engagement photos 006oklahoma engagement photos 007oklahoma engagement photos 011Good rule of thumb: when you find walls that match your clients’ eye colors, photograph them right there! ;)oklahoma engagement photos 010oklahoma engagement photos 008oklahoma engagement photos 009oklahoma engagement photos 012Lindsey, you are so beautiful – inside and out!oklahoma engagement photos 013oklahoma engagement photos 014oklahoma engagement photos 015oklahoma engagement photos 016After shooting around downtown Bethany, we headed over to Lake Overholser to finish up our session.oklahoma engagement photos 017oklahoma engagement photos 018oklahoma engagement photos 019oklahoma engagement photos 020oklahoma engagement photos 021oklahoma engagement photos 022oklahoma engagement photos 023This tree is special to Andrew & Lindsey.  They have spent many evenings sitting and talking out here, falling more in love with each other under its branches.oklahoma engagement photos 024oklahoma engagement photos 025Oh, just a little golden hour light here, doing its thing. :)oklahoma engagement photos 026oklahoma engagement photos 027oklahoma engagement photos 028oklahoma engagement photos 029oklahoma engagement photos 030oklahoma engagement photos 031Andrew & Lindsey~

You guys are so very sweet together.  I love photographing your love for each other!  I am so looking forward to your wedding!!

Love you guys!


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[…] this wedding was a good one! Andrew and Lindsey got married two weeks ago, and while I am working feverishly to get allllll their wedding photos […]

photo shoot ~ jake & colby’s incredible naples, florida engagement session

Naples Florida beach sunset engagement photos 56So, last week when I said it was going to be engagement session week here on the blog, I guess I actually meant it would take me a week to get the next post together.  ha.  This session was shot over three days in Naples, Florida, back in June.  I tried really hard to narrow down my favorites, but even after posting a few last month, I still ended up with way too many to share.  So, grab a drink or a snack and take a little visual vacation to Naples with my friends Jake and Colby. :)

Jake and I have been friends since we met, way back in the third grade.  That’s the kind of friendship you don’t take lightly.  It means a lot to me, as did this little welcoming sign that Jake drew.  He’s an incredible artist and person, and I’m happy to say he’s found an incredible girl in Colby.  As you can see from the sign for her, she is part of a nonprofit organization.  It’s called Wellfit Girls Program, and it helps empower teen girls through fitness and leadership lessons. JC 001To start off the engagement session, we wandered around the Ritz-Carlton, Naples, where Jake and Colby will be getting married this coming New Year’s Eve.  To say I’m excited about their wedding {which just happens to be taking place on my thirty-fifth birthday} would be an understatement!  I cannot wait until December!!Naples Florida engagement photos 01Naples Florida engagement photos 02Naples Florida engagement photos 03Naples Florida engagement photos 04Since it was mid-rainy season, we waited out a little tropical rainstorm before heading to stroll some of Naples most charming streets after dark.  Jake and Colby are having an evening wedding, so Colby wanted to get some images that would capture the romance of Naples after dusk.Naples Florida night time engagement photos 17Naples Florida night time engagement photos 18Naples Florida night time engagement photos 19Naples Florida night time engagement photos 20Naples Florida night time engagement photos 21Naples Florida night time engagement photos 22We found some magical spots and a lot of pretty, glowy light.  The hopeless romantic in me loves these images!Naples Florida night time engagement photos 23Naples Florida night time engagement photos 24Naples Florida night time engagement photos 25Naples Florida night time engagement photos 26Naples Florida night time engagement photos 27The next day, we headed around town to shoot at some of their favorite areas, and we prayed for a gorgeous beach sunset later!  {Hint: God heard our prayers. :)}Naples Florida engagement photos 05Naples Florida engagement photos 06Naples Florida engagement photos 07Naples Florida engagement photos 08Naples Florida engagement photos 09Since we were trying to truly capture the real Jake & Colby, we had to hit up a Starbucks. :) Of course, not all Starbucks are tucked away amongst palm trees like this one.  Oh, Florida, you are beautiful!Naples Florida engagement photos 10Naples Florida engagement photos 11Naples Florida engagement photos 12After our caffeine fix, we headed to this tree-covered boardwalk for some fun photos.Naples Florida engagement photos 13Naples Florida engagement photos 14Then we hit up the beach, of course!Naples Florida beach engagement photos 28Naples Florida beach engagement photos 30Naples Florida beach engagement photos 31Naples Florida beach engagement photos 32Naples Florida beach engagement photos 33Naples Florida beach engagement photos 34Naples Florida beach engagement photos 35Naples Florida beach engagement photos 29We soaked up the sun in the afternoon, and after a shower and change, we headed back to the beach – but this time with a little dressier look. Naples Florida beach engagement photos 36Naples Florida beach engagement photos 37Naples Florida beach engagement photos 38Naples Florida beach engagement photos 39Naples Florida beach engagement photos 40Naples Florida beach engagement photos 46Naples Florida beach engagement photos 41Naples Florida beach engagement photos 42Naples Florida beach engagement photos 43Naples Florida beach engagement photos 44Naples Florida beach engagement photos 45Naples Florida beach sunset engagement photos 47Naples Florida beach sunset engagement photos 48Naples Florida beach sunset engagement photos 49Naples Florida beach sunset engagement photos 50Naples Florida beach sunset engagement photos 51Naples Florida beach sunset engagement photos 52Naples Florida beach sunset engagement photos 53Naples Florida beach sunset engagement photos 54As the sun started to drop, the whole world around us was shifting from gold to pink to blue.  It was one of the prettiest sunsets I’ve ever seen!!  I’m so happy I got to capture it and the love between two wonderful people. Naples Florida beach sunset engagement photos 55Naples Florida beach sunset engagement photos 57Naples Florida beach sunset engagement photos 58Naples Florida beach sunset engagement photos 59Naples Florida beach sunset engagement photos 60As much as I want to end the post on those gorgeous sunset shots, I would leave y’all hanging if I did that.  See, we wrapped things up with a little morning run.  I had to photograph this for Jake & Colby, seeing as how they met through their running club, Gulf Coast Runners. Naples Florida engagement photos 15And because I’m so nice and am such a good friend to Jake ;), I even snapped a pic of them with his other love..Naples Florida engagement photos 16So that about covers it all, I guess.  Hope you enjoyed seeing some of Naples in these photos.  I can’t wait to be back there in December!

Jake & Colbs~

You two are each pretty amazing people on your own – and together, you’re an unstoppable force!  I love you guys and I am so looking forward to photographing your wedding in December!  Thank you for all the friendship and love you’ve shown me.  Praying the very best for your life together!


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JakeAugust 25, 2015 - 10:51 pm

Nice car!!!! Ha!! Those pics are great!!! You rock the world Abs! You got amazing pics of beautiful Colby! We can’t wait to have you here in December!!

Alissa MitchellAugust 26, 2015 - 12:37 am

Amazing Job and story line!!!

Anita VAugust 26, 2015 - 1:25 am

Beautiful and great pictures -Congratulations!!!

Kelly BeaneSeptember 4, 2015 - 3:08 pm

I love the set under the pier! Can’t wait to be there in December too… I can tell it’s going to be a fun wedding.

[…] I got to photograph a truly gorgeous New Year’s Eve wedding for one of my lifelong friends, Jake, and his beautiful bride Colby. It was a fabulous affair orchestrated by a rock star group of people. Tomorrow I’ll get info […]

photo shoot ~ phillip & christi’s gorgeous engagement session in oklahoma city

oklahoma city engagement photos 57This is my beautiful, fun, funny, kind, goodhearted friend Christi and her great fiance Phillip.  They are getting married next month here in OKC, and I am super excited to photograph their wedding.  I’m sure it will be a fun time for everyone, because these two are masters at having a good time!  :)

I’ve known Christi for years and years.  She’s a talented maekup artist and photographer with a big heart for others and Jesus.  I was so honored when she asked me to be their photographer!  Then when we talked about her outfit ideas for their engagement session, I got even more excited.  It was fun figuring out the perfect spots to go for this shoot.  I think it all came together really well.

I’ve been accidentally hoarding several wonderful engagement sessions I’ve done this spring/summer.  My goal is to share all of them here on the blog over the next week or so.  They’re too good to keep to myself – I have some great client friends!!

oklahoma city engagement photos 60oklahoma city engagement photos 58oklahoma city engagement photos 59oklahoma city engagement photos 61oklahoma city engagement photos 63oklahoma city engagement photos 62oklahoma city engagement photos 64oklahoma city engagement photos 65oklahoma city engagement photos 67oklahoma city engagement photos 66oklahoma city engagement photos 72oklahoma city engagement photos 68oklahoma city engagement photos 69oklahoma city engagement photos 71oklahoma city engagement photos 70oklahoma city engagement photos 77oklahoma city engagement photos 75oklahoma city engagement photos 76oklahoma city engagement photos 73oklahoma city engagement photos 74oklahoma city engagement photos 79oklahoma city engagement photos 78When I think of Christi, I think of the word vibrant; so I tried to incorporate vibrancy into this photo shoot and the editing of these images.  The light was too good the day we shot these {way back in April}, the locations we found were pretty cool, and of course the couple is super gorgeous!  So, in other words, my photographer heart was very happy. :)

Christi & Phillip~

You guys are so kind, so cool, so fun!  I cannot wait for your wedding.  I know God has wonderful things in store for you guys!  Love ya!


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think thrifted ~ easy summer style

denim flares with white top outfit 541We’ve just entered the month of August, and it seems like people are just starting to wish for fall.  Now that I’m old and wise ;), I say: never wish away the days!  Instead, reach for an easy summer outfit like this one modeled by Grace.  Enjoy what we’ve got left of longer days and warm summer nights.denim flares with white top outfit 543

Summer is great because a relaxed approach to fashion is expected.  That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t put in any effort, though.  Especially when it’s so easy to throw on a couple simple pieces and look like the coolest girl around town. :)

denim flares with white top outfit 544I was giddy when I found these right-on-trend, wide-leg jeans at a thrift store.  I knew Grace would be the perfect one to model them.  We paired them with an open weave white cotton top.  We kept the accessories simple and just added this cute basket handbag.  I love the bamboo handle!denim flares with white top outfit 545Silvery velvet peep toe platform heels were the perfect finishing touch for this 70’s inspired summer outfit. denim flares with white top outfit 542Happy Monday, friends!

I’ve been a little buried in the editing of weddings and portrait sessions I’ve shot lately.  It’s quick, easy, and fun for me to share these little style posts, but I promise to post some of my other work soon!  I’ve also got a couple more outfits to share from this shoot of Grace.  It’s been a productive, fun summer so far!  I’m feeling very grateful and blessed. :)


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