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photo shoot ~ lexi’s senior pictures on western ave & in the coolest bookstore

006 oklahoma city outdoor senior portraitsOhhh, Lexi.

How freaking cute is this girl?? And let me tell you, she is absolutely just as beautiful on the inside as she is on the outside! I’ve known Lexi from church for a few years now, and I was so happy when she asked me to take her senior portraits.

Since it’s dreary and rainy here in OKC right now, I thought these photos from last fall would be perfect to share today. They start out warm and sunny and end all cozy in an awesome bookstore.001 oklahoma city outdoor senior portraits002 oklahoma city outdoor senior portraits003 oklahoma city outdoor senior portraits004 oklahoma city outdoor senior portraits005 oklahoma city outdoor senior portraitsWestern Avenue is always a great spot for photo shoots. I love that Oklahoma City is getting more and more cool wall murals all over!008 oklahoma city western avenue senior portraits007 oklahoma city western avenue senior portraits009 oklahoma city western avenue senior portraits010 oklahoma city western avenue senior portraits011 oklahoma city western avenue senior portraits012 oklahoma city western avenue senior portraits013 oklahoma city western avenue senior portraitsLexi is a very talented performer, and I think her dancing experience came through beautifully in her poses.014 oklahoma city western avenue senior portraits015 oklahoma city western avenue senior portraits016 oklahoma city western avenue senior portraitsWe ended the shoot at Full Circle Bookstore, which is such a jewel of a spot here in OKC, seriously! If you haven’t ever been there, or if you haven’t been in years, go. They have a little cafe and everything. It’s perfect.017 oklahoma city bookstore senior portraits018 oklahoma city bookstore senior portraits019 oklahoma city bookstore senior portraits020 oklahoma city bookstore senior portraits021 oklahoma city bookstore senior portraits022 oklahoma city bookstore senior portraits023 oklahoma city bookstore senior portraits024 oklahoma city bookstore senior portraits025 oklahoma city bookstore senior portraits027 oklahoma city bookstore senior portraits028 oklahoma city bookstore senior portraits029 oklahoma city bookstore senior portraits026 oklahoma city bookstore senior portraitsNow I just want to curl up under a soft blanket and read a book!


You beautiful soul, you. Thank you for choosing me to be your senior portrait photographer. I so enjoyed our session! Can’t wait to see what amazing things God does with you in your future! <3


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Kelly BeaneMarch 1, 2016 - 7:28 pm

A lot of amazing locations in this one session. I love it!

that’s what she wore ~ black and gold and yellow

015 yellow blouse black gold pants outfitWell, I ended last week with a style post, so I thought I’d start off this week the same way. {{{All photos by my awesome sis Mandi.}}}

Around two years ago, I pinned some fab gold trousers on Pinterest, and I swear I’ve been on the hunt for some to buy ever since then. First, I thought I would surely come across some at a thrift store; but since that hasn’t happened, I’ve also looked online and at non-thrift-stores I’ve allowed myself to enter {I only say that half-jokingly — I have a serious shopping problem, so I really try to limit my forays into any store where too many cute things will tempt me…}. So when I saw these black and gold pants for a cheap price at Burlington Coat Factory last fall, I snatched them up. They’re definitely  not as cool or perfect as the gold ones on Pinterest, but they’re fun pants anyway.

I found this cheery yellow blouse at my favorite thrift store for twenty cents, I believe {on a sale rack}. Not even a week after buying this, I saw a post on Garance Doré’s blog that highlighted a fun outfit from the Balmain x H&M collab, and it gave me the idea of pairing this blouse with these pants. I added a gorgeous nude bag with fringe tassels that I also found at Heart & Hand, and finished the look with some incredible vintage shoes I thrifted.011 yellow blouse black gold pants outfit007 yellow blouse black gold pants outfit008 yellow blouse black gold pants outfit010 yellow blouse black gold pants outfitI actually just got up and checked the bottom of these amazing shoes to see how much I had paid for them, and would you believe they’d been marked down to ninety-nine cents?!

This whole thing just caused a flood of memories to wash over me, so bear with me for a bit and let’s walk down memory lane…Most of y’all probably already know this, but I was raised in a super strict Baptist church, where altar calls were the norm, and people often, as in almost every service, went forward and knelt and prayed at the front of the church. {I promise this has to do with thrifting and shoes, hold on…} When I was young {as in pre-teen and early-teen years}, I can distinctly remember being so worried that the thrift store price on the bottom of my shoes would show whenever I went forward and prayed in church. I mean, really. I was sooo embarrassed to have paid ninety-nine cents for some shoes. Now, I am ecstatic about it, and I’m bragging about it on a blog for anyone in the world to read! Haha! Isn’t it funny how sometimes, the thing that embarrassed us when we were younger can turn out to be the very thing we are most excited to show off when we are older?!

Anyway, check out these rad ninety-nine cent, leather soled shoes… Yeah!009 yellow blouse black gold pants outfit012 yellow blouse black gold pants outfitI think this blouse has a cool vibe when the neck tie is undone, but I also really like it looped up.013 yellow blouse black gold pants outfit014 yellow blouse black gold pants outfitLast week, I got several inches cut off my hair, and now looking at these pix, I’m so happy it’s shorter. It just looks heavy and blah here. If you follow my Instagram, you’ve seen my shorter ‘do, but I definitely need to do some more outfit pix soon so I can show it off on the blog, too. :)016 yellow blouse black gold pants outfitHappy Monday, friends. Let’s have a fabulous week!


p.s. Tell me your embarrassing stories so I don’t feel alone in my teenaged-thrift-store-shoe-shame.

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Anna DiceFebruary 23, 2016 - 2:35 am

You look like Belle from Beaty in the Beast when you wear yellow I love it! Totally inspired to get a thrift store addiction.

JenniferFebruary 23, 2016 - 4:22 am

I don’t have any embarrassing stories when it comes to thrift clothes. I grew up in the 80’s where hand me downs and cheap clothes were what everyone was wearing in my neighborhood and school. I have always embraced frugal shopping and love bringing life back into something. I love your style and enjoy your posts. I think you look amazing. I wish everyone would feel confident in the clothes they wear and enjoy the process. I feel sad when people worry about what they are wearing and follow a trend, they don’t even like, because they are afraid to venture out. You inspire me.

Abi RuthFebruary 23, 2016 - 9:34 pm

thanks so much, jennifer! that is such a nice compliment. :) i also wish people would loosen up and enjoy fashion a little more.

Abi RuthFebruary 23, 2016 - 9:35 pm

aw, thank you! *blushing*
please do get a thrift store addiction! :)

that’s what she wore ~ flowered jacket with thrifted maxi dress

002  flowered jacket maxi dress outfitLast week, I had my sis Mandi take some outfit pix for me in a couple different outfits… This week, I had my friend Jamie chop about five inches off my hair… So I thought I should post the outfit pix asap and then do some new ones soon with my shorter hair. :)

I would say, generally speaking, most of my outfits consist of at least fifty percent thrifted items. In this case, the cool maxi dress and the sweet feather earrings were thrift store finds. The bright flowered jacket came from Burlington Coat Factory awhile back, and the heels were a Christmas gift from my boyfriend’s awesome mother.001  flowered jacket maxi dress outfitI love this dress so much because of the funky bottom half, but the top is pretty shapeless. I usually wear it with a vest or jacket over it to make it more flattering on me.003  flowered jacket maxi dress outfit006  flowered jacket maxi dress outfit005  flowered jacket maxi dress outfit

004  flowered jacket maxi dress outfitSo here’s a fun story:

This jacket is what first caught the eye of my amazing boyfriend, Jonathan. I know I haven’t talked much about him here on the blog yet, so here’s how it went down….Jonathan and I go to the same church {shout out to Life.Church NW}, but it’s a pretty big church and we had never actually met. Somehow, he started following me on Instagram; and last August, I posted a pic before church in this jacket. During the service that day, he spotted me and recognized me from Instagram and messaged me after. We went on our first date a week later, and have been blissfully together ever since! :) So, fashion for the win! Fun prints can really help you stand out, if you know what I mean… :)

Happy weekend, friends!


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[…] that’s what she wore ~ flowered jacket with thrifted maxi dress […]

fun stuff

So, this morning I was doing a little blog reading over on Waiting On Martha. It was a post about How To Start Investing. {Side note: 2016 has been a much more disciplined and grown-up-feeling year for me so far — a whole three and a half weeks into it, ha. I’ve been tracking my spending and my calories, and it’s been eye-opening to say the least. *huge-eyed emoji* Anyway, so now I am apparently the girl who reads posts about investing and recently started dabbling in just that, via the Acorns app.} But this post here isn’t about anything cool like investing, it’s about fashion {much more “typical me”}. As I was reading the post about investing, my attention was completely derailed by this photo in the slideshow.


It was from a post by The Sartorialist. I do peruse his blog regularly, but hadn’t seen this particular shot when he originally posted it. But I’m glad I came across it today, because I’d like you to notice the cute beaded bag here.sartorialist girl w same bag…And here! Yep, that’s me, in a pic from my own blog post here exactly one year ago today. What?! {Okay, I actually just now noticed this post was one year ago today. Coincidences are so weird. What are the chances I’d see a blog post today that was actually posted yesterday, with a pic from another blog post that was posted months ago, and then go back and find the pic from my post and notice it was one year ago today. Anyway.}me with pretty bagI love Scott Schuman’s work {he’s pretty much the O.G. of street style photographer bloggers} and my whole style-life would be made if I ever landed on a post at The Sartorialist. It’s never gonna happen, those people are so much cooler and classier than me. But I can now say I have a bag that’s been featured on there. I noticed her drawstrings were white instead of black, and my bag has blue dots while hers doesn’t, but close enough. And I got mine secondhand! :)

It’s funny, because I talked in the post about how the handle of my bag started falling after a month or so of carrying it, and I noticed the girl in the pic is holding her bag by the drawstring loops, so maybe that’s what I should do — since a year later, I’ve still never even attempted to sew it back together.

Anyway, I just thought this was a fun, cool thing, and I wanted to share it with y’all. Happy Tuesday!


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Kelly BeaneJanuary 27, 2016 - 6:17 pm

We already knew you had great style and have the best finds at thrift stores…. and you’ve just proved it further. ;) And kudos to you for starting some investing!!!

Abi RuthFebruary 23, 2016 - 9:35 pm

thanks, friend! <3

photo shoot ~ roark family in downtown edmond

family photos downtown edmond oklahoma 119It’s been pretty freezing cold here {at least by Oklahoma standards} lately, so I thought I’d warm us all up by sharing this sunny, summery family photo session from last August. Jamie is one of my dear friends. I’ve known her since before she got engaged to Jairus, and I really love getting to document their sweet little family.family photos downtown edmond oklahoma 120family photos downtown edmond oklahoma 121family photos downtown edmond oklahoma 122family photos downtown edmond oklahoma 123family photos downtown edmond oklahoma 124family photos downtown edmond oklahoma 125family photos downtown edmond oklahoma 126family photos downtown edmond oklahoma 127family photos downtown edmond oklahoma 128Jamie has done my hair for years now, so I had to grab a pic of her by this cute little Beauty Shop door.family photos downtown edmond oklahoma 129I feel like Greyson is doing a fun little dance here that only he knows about.family photos downtown edmond oklahoma 130..And then we stuck that hat on him. Clearly he was thrilled. Ha!family photos downtown edmond oklahoma 131His chubby little thigh killllll me.family photos downtown edmond oklahoma 132family photos downtown edmond oklahoma 133family photos downtown edmond oklahoma 134family photos downtown edmond oklahoma 135family photos downtown edmond oklahoma 136Those teeth though! :)family photos downtown edmond oklahoma 137family photos downtown edmond oklahoma 138family photos downtown edmond oklahoma 139family photos downtown edmond oklahoma 140family photos downtown edmond oklahoma 141family photos downtown edmond oklahoma 142Jamie Lynn~

You and your family are beautiful! I treasure our friendship and only wish we could hang out more often. Every single time I am around you, I leave feeling incredibly encouraged and uplifted. Your good heart and sweet spirit are apparent to all who meet you!

Love you!


p.s. Check out the sunrise maternity session I did of Jamie and Jairus here!

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Kelly BeaneJanuary 13, 2016 - 3:27 am

Oh, he is a cutie pie for sure! Love the pics of this sweet little family!