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think thrifted ~ spring break’s over, now back to school

008 plaid wrap skirt fringe choker thrifted outfitI actually photographed Kamryn in this outfit at the end of last summer, and had planned on posting these in the fall as a “back to school” style post. But then the madness of fall family sessions hit, and I had to finish them all before the holidays, so all my “just for fun” shoots/editing got put off until I had time to breathe. So the other day, I was thinking about this session, and I thought, “Plaid for Spring? Groundbreaking.” But really, I think it could work! Especially when done like it is here, with some pops of bright, springy colors, and a bit of {black and white} floral on the feet. What do you think? Could this outfit work just as well for “Back to School {From Spring Break}” as “Back to School {Fall Style}”?001 plaid wrap skirt fringe choker thrifted outfitEither way, this session serves up some serious style; and to be honest, plaid will never not be cool. So take some inspiration from Kamryn, and rock it with a bit of fringe and a bunch of hair! Oh, and a spiky choker can’t hurt — or can it?? ;) #lamejoke002 plaid wrap skirt fringe choker thrifted outfit003 plaid wrap skirt fringe choker thrifted outfit004 plaid wrap skirt fringe choker thrifted outfit005 plaid wrap skirt fringe choker thrifted outfit006 plaid wrap skirt fringe choker thrifted outfit007 plaid wrap skirt fringe choker thrifted outfitJust like with all the outfits I post here, whether modeled by me or someone way cooler than me, I always hope to inspire people to have fun with fashion. And also, to think outside the box. Almost every piece in each outfit I post was found at a thrift store. When you shop secondhand, you can feel good about not breaking the bank and also not buying clothes that support a pretty sketchy or downright awful workplace environment {like a lot of “fast fashion” – think cheap mall stores}.

But also, I just love clothes, and I love creating cool looks – from putting outfits together to doing hair and makeup! So this is a fun way for me to get to do all of that, and combine it with my love for photography. It’s nice to take photos occasionally where I don’t have a client to please, I just get to have fun and play. :)009 plaid wrap skirt fringe choker thrifted outfit010 plaid wrap skirt fringe choker thrifted outfit011 plaid wrap skirt fringe choker thrifted outfit012 plaid wrap skirt fringe choker thrifted outfit013 plaid wrap skirt fringe choker thrifted outfitKamryn is the daughter of my good friend Deidra. I’ve had her in front of my camera before for family photos and such, but this was the first time I’d ever done a fashion shoot of Kamryn. And man, she killed it! I can’t wait to have her pose for me again. There’s also another outfit I shot her in that I’ll be posting soon.014 plaid wrap skirt fringe choker thrifted outfit015 plaid wrap skirt fringe choker thrifted outfitKamryn,

You’re a rockstar supermodel! Thanks for making this thrifted outfit look like a million bucks. :)


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Kelly BeaneApril 5, 2016 - 10:34 pm

Holy moly, she’s one gorgeous girl! And you’ve convinced me plaid can work for spring too. You inspire me Abi!

photo shoot ~ morgan’s midcentury-inspired downtown oklahoma city senior portraits

228 cool senior pictures in downtown oklahoma cityWhen I got a message from Morgan’s mom about her senior portrait session last fall, I was instantly intrigued and excited. Morgan’s mother told me that Morgan likes “vintage 60s/70s inspired think Wes Anderson style/symmetry etc … mid century architecture … anything that feels like this scene in (500) days of summer (to about 0:28)” and she included a link to this video. It was all awesome and I was thrilled! I love Wes Anderson, and I love when people have a clear vision for their sessions and then allow me to build on that vision.

Morgan, her mother, and I had a great time during her shoot; and I think we nailed the look and feel she was going for! We started out at Kitchen 324, and then walked around to some spots I had scouted out with some really detailed, gorgeous buildings in our lovely downtown.229 cool senior pictures in downtown oklahoma city230 cool senior pictures in downtown oklahoma city231 cool senior pictures in downtown oklahoma city232 cool senior pictures in downtown oklahoma city233 cool senior pictures in downtown oklahoma city234 cool senior pictures in downtown oklahoma city235 cool senior pictures in downtown oklahoma city236 cool senior pictures in downtown oklahoma city237 cool senior pictures in downtown oklahoma city238 cool senior pictures in downtown oklahoma city239 cool senior pictures in downtown oklahoma cityMorgan called this her “Moonrise Kingdom dress” so I thought we should shoot amongst some trees and tall grasses. {Btw, Moonrise Kingdom is my favorite Wes Anderson film, so this made me very happy. :)}240 cool senior pictures in downtown oklahoma city242 cool senior pictures in downtown oklahoma city241 cool senior pictures in downtown oklahoma city243 cool senior pictures in downtown oklahoma city244 cool senior pictures in downtown oklahoma city246 cool senior pictures in downtown oklahoma city245 cool senior pictures in downtown oklahoma cityThese photos are the perfect illustration of photographer’s beloved “golden hour” – I mean, just look at the pretty, glowy light here. So good.247 cool senior pictures in downtown oklahoma city248 cool senior pictures in downtown oklahoma cityMorgan~

I really loved bringing your vision to life for your senior portraits! You’re such a cool girl. It was so fun to get to meet you and photograph you. Also, you were ahead of the fashion curve with your bell sleeves and open shoulder top! Loved it all! :)


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Kelly BeaneMarch 29, 2016 - 3:49 am

Those trees, again!!! :) You nailed this concept, awesome job!

photo shoot ~ kylie’s winter senior portraits in downtown oklahoma city

1 winter senior pictures fur vestBefore we get too far away from {our very mild} winter, I wanted to share these winter senior portraits of the gorgeous Kylie. I love how several of my seniors over the past few years have been doing split sessions during different seasons. We did part of Kylie’s session last fall in Bricktown, and the rest in December in downtown Oklahoma City.

Just like for her first session, Kylie killed it with the styling. Her wardrobe and makeup were perfectection!2 winter senior portraits downtown oklahoma city3 winter senior portraits4 winter senior portraits downtown oklahoma cityThis little guy was hanging around during part of our session. Believe it or not, I was doing a shoot near this exact same spot this past weekend and I swear I saw the same cardinal again. I am the bird whisperer.5 red cardinal6 winter senior portraits downtown oklahoma city7 winter senior portraits downtown oklahoma cityThe Oklahoma wind can wreak havoc on a photo shoot, but sometimes it just gives us the perfect hair swoop. :)8 winter senior portraits downtown oklahoma cityFrom the second I saw this {literal} shining star, I was smitten! What a perfect photo prop. Thanks, OKC.9 winter senior portraits downtown oklahoma city10 winter senior portraits downtown oklahoma city11 winter senior portraits fur vest ankle boots12 winter senior pictures fur vest ankle boots13 winter senior pictures fur vestNext thing you know, out of nowhere, a snowstorm hit OKC. Crazy.14 snowy senior pictures fur vest15 snowy senior portraits{Shout out to Kylie’s mom for helping to make it snow, and to Kylie for smiling right through that snowstorm – oh, and to Dollar General for providing me with the snowflakes. ;)}17 snowy senior pics fur vest16 senior pictures in the snowwinter senior porrtaitsWhat a fun session!


Thanks for rocking your shoots like a supermodel. You’re so sweet! I loved being your senior portrait photographer, I had so much fun with you during your sessions! :) You’re such a lovely girl.


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Kelly BeaneMarch 29, 2016 - 3:50 am

That STAR! And the snow. Everything is perfect!!!

wedding wednesday ~ sami & adam’s beautiful barn wedding at rosemary ridge in stillwater, oklahoma

052 rosemary ridge barn weddingEeeeek! I just adored this sweet wedding that took place last October at a gorgeous barn in Stillwater, Oklahoma! Sami and Adam and their friends and family really put on such a great wedding celebration, so full of love and fun and dancing and pretty fall colors.

Rosemary Ridge is a gorgeous new venue that I absolutely fell in love with. I believe Sami & Adam were the first to get married there after it opened. There are so many details I enjoyed about this place, but I’ll let the photos speak for themselves.062 rosemary ridge barn weddingOkay, I know I literally just said I’d let the photos speak for themselves, but I have to inject here.. These amazing light fixtures blew my mind! I mean, come on. Trees hanging by their roots and wrapped in twinkle lights?! I die. So good. {I probably took twenty-five different shots of these things, ha! Sorry for all the tree-light pix, Sami. ;)}002 rosemary ridge barn wedding005 rosemary ridge barn wedding009 rosemary ridge barn wedding010 rosemary ridge barn wedding014 rosemary ridge barn wedding015 rosemary ridge barn wedding017 rosemary ridge barn wedding016 rosemary ridge barn weddingSami killed it with the gifts for her parents and mother-in-law. Lots of tears happened. Including a few from me, since Sami’s mom Steph is a dear friend of mine. {Steph and I attended photography school together around the same time, and we both went on to work there for years. So I’ve actually known Sami since she was a pre-teen! It was so special to be her wedding photographer!}018 rosemary ridge barn weddingThese cuff links…so sweet! One says “First man I ever loved” and the other is a photo of Sami and her dad when she was a tiny girl. Good stuff, man.019 rosemary ridge barn wedding020 rosemary ridge barn wedding007 rosemary ridge barn wedding006 rosemary ridge barn weddingI really dig the groom’s dressing room. Such very cool details, like these silver animal head hooks.008 rosemary ridge barn wedding021 rosemary ridge barn wedding022 rosemary ridge barn weddingI cannot get over this pic of Sami’s grandmothers seeing her for the first time in her wedding attire. Maybe it’s because I love with my Gram, but this just pulls my heartstrings and makes me so happy! And look at her mom reflected in the mirror, too! awww!023 rosemary ridge barn wedding024 rosemary ridge barn wedding025 rosemary ridge barn wedding026 rosemary ridge barn wedding027 rosemary ridge barn wedding028 rosemary ridge barn weddingWhat a beautiful bride!!029 rosemary ridge barn wedding031 rosemary ridge barn wedding030 rosemary ridge barn wedding032 rosemary ridge barn wedding033 rosemary ridge barn wedding035 rosemary ridge barn wedding034 rosemary ridge barn wedding001 rosemary ridge barn weddingOkay, full stop here. LOOK AT THIS SIGN! hahaha, I loved it so much!! Sami’s mom Steph is also a photographer, so they get it. I mean, this is just perfect. Had to share it with y’all. :)037 rosemary ridge barn wedding038 rosemary ridge barn wedding039 rosemary ridge barn wedding040 rosemary ridge barn wedding041 rosemary ridge barn weddingJust can’t get over this venue. Love everything about it.042 rosemary ridge barn wedding043 rosemary ridge barn wedding044 rosemary ridge barn wedding045 rosemary ridge barn weddingSami’s face here: “Oh yeah, we married!” ;) Love it!046 rosemary ridge barn wedding047 rosemary ridge barn wedding048 rosemary ridge barn wedding049 rosemary ridge barn wedding050 rosemary ridge barn wedding051 rosemary ridge barn wedding058 rosemary ridge barn wedding055 rosemary ridge barn wedding056 rosemary ridge barn weddingThis detail is so special. Sami’s grandfathers are no longer with us, but she wanted them to be part of her special day, so she attached their photos to her bridal bouquet with ribbons. I really love this.057 rosemary ridge barn wedding053 rosemary ridge barn wedding036 rosemary ridge barn wedding011 rosemary ridge barn wedding003 rosemary ridge barn wedding004 rosemary ridge barn wedding059 rosemary ridge barn wedding060 rosemary ridge barn wedding061 rosemary ridge barn wedding068 rosemary ridge barn wedding064 rosemary ridge barn wedding065 rosemary ridge barn weddingOhhh, Sami’s dance with her dad… Melt my heart! Can you tell this is a very close family?066 rosemary ridge barn wedding067 rosemary ridge barn wedding072 rosemary ridge barn wedding070 rosemary ridge barn wedding073 rosemary ridge barn wedding071 rosemary ridge barn weddingLook, it’s more pictures of my favorite lights I’ve ever seen! ;)063 rosemary ridge barn wedding069 rosemary ridge barn wedding074 rosemary ridge barn wedding075 rosemary ridge barn wedding078 rosemary ridge barn wedding076 rosemary ridge barn wedding077 rosemary ridge barn wedding079 rosemary ridge barn wedding080 rosemary ridge barn wedding081 rosemary ridge barn wedding082 rosemary ridge barn weddingWhat a wedding! I just loved all of it, as I’m sure you can tell from the millions of pix posted here. :) Makes my heart happy.

Sami & Adam~

I adored capturing this great celebration of your love! You two are such a cool, laid back couple. It was a joy to be part of your special day. It was great to see you guys surrounded with so much love and support! Thank you for having me be your wedding photographer.



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afternoon ramblings ~ luxe lip oil for less plus a couple new blogs i discovered this week

Hey guys, it’s Friday – yay! It’s been a pretty fun, laid back week for me. This time of year is usually a bit of a slower pace, which is nice. While I still {always} have a million and one photo shoots to post on here, I like to share personal, chatty stuff along the way, too. In this post, we’re talking about lip oils and blogs. :)luxe lip oil treatment for lessOne of my favorite bloggers {and a true o.g. when it comes to blogging}, Joanna Goddard, has this really great ongoing series over on her blog Cup of Jo: it’s called My Beauty Uniform, and fabulous women share their beauty habits and secrets and knowledge. I love this series! Months and month ago, I had read where one of the women talked about using this Clarins lip oil, and I really wanted to buy it, but I just couldn’t justify spending twenty-five dollars on some lip gloss – even if it seemed really glorious. So, I did what I do anytime I find myself wanting something I shouldn’t buy: I pinned it.luxe lip oil treatmentI mean, doesn’t it just sound magical?clarins lip oilThen, lo and behold, the other day I came across this Milani lip oil while picking up some necessities from CVS. And hey, look at that: it’s only sixteen-and-a-half dollars cheaper than the Clarins stuff! Plus, they were buy one get one half off at CVS, and I had a five dollar coupon to use there. Cha-ching! You better believe I grabbed two of those things! I picked up Healing Lemon Honey and Repairing Primrose, and I loooove them. The oils feel so luxe on my lips. It’s an indulgent lipgloss that also really seems to be treating and healing my winter lip dryness.milani lip oil treatmentNow, to switch subjects somewhat drastically, let’s talk about a couple of blogs I discovered and subscribed to this week. The first is The Makerista, a really good home decor blog. the makerista blogWay, way back in the day, when I first started following blogs, I followed mostly photographers. Now, I hardly follow any photogs {which is why I like to keep the topics a bit diverse on here}, and instead I love reading good blogs about home decor and of course fashion/style blogs. But no matter what kind of blog, I always prefer ones with a strong personal narrative. So when I came across The Perfect Little Life on Instagram and clicked on her blog link, I was instantly hooked. the perfect little life blogBut don’t take my word for it – if you like following fun blogs, check these ladies out. And if you have any really cool blog recommendations, please share them in the comments!

Have a lovely weekend, friends!


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