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photo shoot ~ anna’s headshots and light family photos

01 professional author headshotsAfter posting my friend Stacey’s headshots yesterday, I was reminded of the headshots I took of Anna last year and never shared on here. And then I remembered I also never posted her family photos we took last fall. Last fall was really busy for me, you guys. I overbooked myself a little with shoots and weddings, and I never had time to blog a lot of the images from last year even though I really loved them. So I will keep trying to share them, along with new stuff, too.

Anyway, this is Anna Light. Let me tell you how amazing she is. I met Anna when she was a youth pastor at my church. I attended a LifeGroup led by her, watched her fall in love with her awesome husband Cody, shot their engagement and wedding photos; photographed the birth of their first child, and many more little moments as well. As their family grew, Anna took on the incredible job of being a stay at home mom and raising her children. And she wrote a book!! That’s what we did these headshot photos for: Anna needed an author photo. What?! That’s so cool.

Through every season of her life since I’ve known Anna {single female, young church leader, married, mother, etc}, she has consistently preached a message of overcoming insecurity. And when I say “preached”, I mean she lived and breathed and prayed and shared it with anyone she could. I love this woman’s heart for Christ and her heart for others! In her book, In_Security, Anna clearly outlines a godly plan for overcoming insecurity. If you have ever struggled with knowing your worth, please order a copy of her book right now – just click here. I’m partway through my copy already, and I intend to buy a few more to give as gifts to some graduating seniors this month.

Here are some of my favorites from Anna’s headshot session, followed by some of my favorites from her family’s portrait session last fall.

02 professional author headshots03 professional author headshots04 professional author headshots05 professional author headshots06 professional author headshots07 professional author headshots08 professional author headshots09 family photos in the country10 family photos in the country11 family photos in the country12 family photos in the country13 family photos in the country14 family photos in the country15 family photos in the countryAnna & Cody’s family is pretty picture perfect, but sometimes after thirty minutes of taking pictures, a toddler just wants to do their own thing. Look how big brother is trying to coax lil sis into participating. Haha! I love this set so much!28 family photos in the country16 family photos in the countryMelt my heart!17 family photos in the country18 family photos in the country19 family photos in the country20 family photos in the country21 family photos in the country22 family photos in the country23 family photos in the country24 family photos in the countryHad to end the session with a few shots of Anna & Cody’s sweet tattoos.25 family photos in the country26 family photos in the country27 family photos in the countryAnna & Cody~

I love you guys and your kiddos so much! Every time we do a session, I am so impressed by Ethan & Emma, and I know it’s because you guys are great parents. <3 Anna, I am ridiculously proud of you for completing your book. I know God is going to use it to touch many lives. Thank you for always having me do your photos. It means a lot to me.


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AnnaMay 4, 2016 - 10:55 pm

Abi, you’re so sweet and we love you so much! Thank you for capturing every significant moment of my life. There is no one I’d rather have as a friend, photographer and sister in Christ for life!

photo shoot ~ chris & stacey’s headshots in downtown okc

01 downtown city headshotsThis is my amazing, beautiful friend Stacey. She is a boss lady and woman of God: a proud wife and mama, a therapist, and the owner of a dance studio. Dang! This pretty girl is impressive!

I’ve known Stacey for years now. Her Mad-Hatter-Tea-Party-food-fight-silly-string-war-family-portrait-session is still one of my favorite photo shoots I’ve ever done! {You can check it out here}. At the beginning of this year, Stacey hit me up for some headshots – because when you’re a professional like she is, you need some professional pics! :) We had fun running around downtown OKC for her shoot. And we had to include her other half, Chris, in some pics, too. {Chris & Stacey also do couples therapy. They’re incredible!}

Here are some of my favorites from their headshot session.02 downtown city headshots04 downtown city headshots05 downtown city headshots14 downtown city headshots13 downtown city headshots16 downtown city couple headshots15 downtown city couple headshots17 downtown city couple headshots03 downtown city headshots06 downtown city headshots07 downtown city headshots08 downtown city headshots09 downtown city headshots18 downtown city couple headshots19 downtown city couple headshots10 downtown city headshots12 downtown city headshots11 downtown city headshotsStacey~

Every encounter I’ve ever had with you has just blessed my soul – and this shoot was no different. Thank you for shining such a bright light for Christ. Thank you for unashamedly loving your husband family in a way that is an incredible example to all who see it. Thank you for letting me take pix of your pretty face. <3


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Stacey JohnsonMay 4, 2016 - 12:19 am

You have such a gift, Abi! Thank you SOOOO much for the great work and fun experience! LOVE these & LOVE YOU!!

[…] parents are missionaries to Indonesia. My amazing friend Stacey referred them to me when they were looking for a photographer to capture some images of Clementine […]

happy birthday to my fun and adorable roomie, gram!

IMG_0233Today is my Gram’s 88th birthday, and I’m getting ready to go to lunch with her and one of my cousins. But we started off the celebrating a bit early with a surprise homemade-ice-cream-and-brownie party for her on Sunday. It was so much fun! She really was so surprised! Here’s a few pix from our fun little family get-together.IMG_0235Gram loves butterflies and angels and all things bright and cheery and flowery. I picked up this pretty tablecloth and the butterfly string light at Dollar General, of all places. :) {Bargains, y’all.} The cute little green swan {duck? …bird…} was a thrift store find for less than a dollar from my favorite, Heart & Hand. The flowers came from our back porch and the angel was something I had found at TJ Maxx and given to Gram for Christmas, I think. I also found those cool candles at TJ Maxx – look at the colorful flames! :)

Here’s Gram being shocked when we yelled surprise. haha! I love her so much!IMG_0242IMG_0247IMG_0260Lots of brownies, lots of candles…IMG_0265And of course, had to grab a pic of my two favorites: my hot boyfriend and my cute roommate! :) These two get along so well, it makes me heart-melting-ly happy!IMG_0271birthday

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Kelly BeaneMay 3, 2016 - 4:32 am

This makes me teary, it’s so sweet! And one more thing, Jonathan’s shirt is pretty great! ;)

photo shoot ~ kylie’s spring senior portrait session

01 beautiful outdoor spring senior portraitsWhen Facebook informed me that today is this sweet girl’s birthday, I thought I should go ahead and share some of my favorites from our most recent session. Kylie is a senior at Mustang High, and we split her senior portraits into three sessions so we could incorporate the different seasons each time. We did these spring ones just a couple of weeks ago, and I love love how they turned out! You can see the previous two shoots here and here. {You might wanna click those links if you’re looking for outfit inspiration for a photo shoot — Kylie has great style! :)}02 beautiful outdoor spring senior portraits03 beautiful outdoor spring senior portraits04 beautiful outdoor spring senior portraits05 beautiful outdoor spring senior portraits06 beautiful outdoor spring senior portraits07 beautiful outdoor spring senior portraits08 beautiful outdoor spring senior portraits09 beautiful outdoor spring senior portraits10 beautiful outdoor spring senior portraits11 beautiful outdoor spring senior portraits12 beautiful outdoor spring senior portraitsI developed quite a crush on these pants during our shoot. How fun are they??13 beautiful outdoor spring senior portraits14 beautiful outdoor spring senior portraits15 beautiful outdoor spring senior portraitsTropical vibes right here in good ol’ Oklahoma… :)16 beautiful outdoor spring senior portraits17 beautiful outdoor spring senior portraits18 beautiful outdoor spring senior portraits19 beautiful outdoor spring senior portraits20 beautiful outdoor spring senior portraits21 beautiful outdoor spring senior portraits22 beautiful outdoor spring senior portraitsHappy birthday, Kylie!! I’ve loved each of our sessions during your senior year! Thanks so much for choosing me as your photographer. :) It’s been so fun! <3


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Kelly BeaneApril 26, 2016 - 4:01 am

I swear again and again she could be your mini me. ;) You have captured her style and beauty wonderfully throughout this year. Awesome photos!

cleaning out my closet ~ an earth day post featuring schoola AND a peek at all my shoes

02 maximalist closetI’m pretty excited to share this post with you today, but first things first. It has to be said: I have way too many clothes and shoes. Way. Too. Many. I know this. And I love it. #sorryimnotsorry ;) I will say, the older I get, the looser my grip on my clothing and shoes has become. I get rid of stuff much more readily now than I used to, and I’m pickier about my purchases as well. I’d say that about 85% of my clothing, if not more, is still purchased secondhand — I’ve just learned to spot high quality items. #thrifted #thrifting #yesiknowhashtagsdontworkonblogs

But all of this leads perfectly into what we’re going to chat about today, as well as a little tour of my closet. So even if you lean more toward minimalism than I do, please keep reading. I promise this applies to you, too. Plus you can gawk at the photos of all my stuff. 

Right up front, I’m gonna tell you something pretty exciting for me: this post is in collaboration with Schoola, and they sent me a bag of clothes for posting this. And in alllllll my years of blogging {since like 2005, back on MySpace, ha!}, I’ve never been compensated for a blog post before. Now, granted, I got clothes and not money, but I’m still pretty excited about it. Receiving compensation for blog posts is a touchy subject with some people, and really that’s a topic for another day; but this collaboration was too perfect of a fit for me to pass up. I’m genuinely excited to share with you about this cool company.

To get all the info on Schoola, you can click on over to their site. But I’ll go ahead and give you an idea of what it is and how it works. Basically, it’s an online thrift store that sells nice women and children’s clothing and shoes. It’s kind of like a consignment shop in that they ask for higher quality donations — but instead of you getting back a portion of the sales, they donate a portion {40%!!} to schools in the U.S. and around the world. I love this idea so much! Here’s a screen grab from their site that explains it a little more:

Screen Shot 2016-04-22 at 2.25.52 PM copy17 maximalist closetThe awesome thing is, you can request donation bags and then you just fill them up and mail them off, no postage required from you! Isn’t that amazing?? I just want to tell all of my mom friends this for when they are getting rid of clothes that their kids outgrow. I mean, could it be any easier?? And it’s for a great cause! Win, win!16 maximalist closetI easily filled the two bags they sent me and I’m gonna drop them off at the post office this afternoon.19 maximalist closetToday, April 22nd, is Earth Day. The purpose of Earth Day is to celebrate this beautiful planet we live on and to encourage us human beings to take better care of it. I’ve always had kind of a hippie spirit, so shopping thrifted clothing is right up my alley. But I know a lot of people shudder at the thought of digging for buried treasures at a local thrift store. {I can’t relate, but I sort of get it, I guess…. ;)} Schoola is such a good solution for that, since they sell clean, nice clothing. Instead of fueling the big, crazy clothing industry, you can shop right from your home or phone {yep, there’s an app for it} for high quality secondhand clothing. Plus, you’re helping keep clothing out of landfills. On top of all, that, you’ll be benefiting education!

What are you waiting for?? Start shopping today! Or, do like me and use this as the perfect reason to kick off a little spring cleaning and request a donation bag so you can start passing along some of the stuff you don’t wear or your kids have outgrown!

Now, here’s a peek into my closet, in all its overabundance. :)01 maximalist closet03 maximalist closet12 maximalist closet04 maximalist closet05 maximalist closet06 maximalist closet15 maximalist closet13 maximalist closetI’ve got a few photos of family members tucked into all the madness in here. My nephews’ cutie baby faces help calm me down when I’m stressing over what to wear. :) And I keep several air purifying plants in here to keep it all so fresh and so clean, clean.14 maximalist closetSo many shoes………And there’s more, keep scrolling. Ha!07 maximalist closet08 maximalist closetI have a pretty good system that works great for me: I’ve hung all my tops in order from sleeveless to long sleeves, grouped by color within each category. My dresses over on the other side of the closet {pictured up above} are also sorted by color. It really does help me find what I want to wear more quickly and easily.09 maximalist closet10 maximalist closet11 maximalist closetThis is the actual outfit I’m wearing right now. {I snapped these pix before work this morning.} It is 100%  thrifted, from top to shoes. I should’ve tossed a scarf on, too, but I didn’t think of that until after I left. I shredded the jeans myself, and I’m pretty pleased with them. :)18 maximalist closetNow, even though the whole point of this post is to really push my love of thrifting on you ;), or at the very least get you to donate {#reducereuserecycle}, if you’d just really prefer to buy new clothes, guess what?? You can do exactly that and still help benefit schools through Schoola! See, Schoola has partnered with ModCloth and they have a whole section of adorable, new dresses you can shop right here!

If you think your blog would be a good fit to partner with Schoola, check out there affiliate page.

Whew! I think I’ve given you every bit of info I can. I’m just so excited that there are companies like this out there! Thanks for reading this novel. :) Happy Earth Day, friends!


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Kelly BeaneApril 26, 2016 - 3:59 am

Sigh, your closet is pretty amazing! I’m checking out schoola now and can’t wait to find some awesome secondhand clothing without the effort of sorting. For me it’s about the time that takes, so how awesome of them to make it easy and accessible. Keep up the awesome blogs!