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outdoor family portraits – tripp, hannah, and cooper at martin nature park in oklahoma

I could say a million good things about this sweet little fam and their portrait session last month. First of all, Tripp booked the session as a gift for Hannah. Let’s just stop there for a moment. This is very rare. The guy is almost never the one who is booking the session! And the fact that he did it as gift for her – just so sweet!! Then on top of that, Cooper completely melted my heart. He had a couple little dinosaur friends who hing out with us while shooting (I had to feature them in one pic), and by halfway through the shoot, he was holding my hand while we were walking to the next spot. The sweetest! And Hannah told me that’s unusual because he typically doesn’t warm up to strangers like that. Anyway, on top of all that sweetness, I have known Hannah since she was a teen and was in the youth group I used to volunteer with. So it was extra special to see her all grown up and happy and in love and raising a precious child of her own now. :)

Let’s get to the photos… We shot at Martin Nature Park and it was a beautiful spring evening in April with lovely sunlight streaming through all the trees there. Here are some of my favorites…

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