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my token pinterest post

Okay, so I hate to be typical and blog about Pinterest and inspiration from Pinterest and blah blah blah … Half of you probably just rolled your eyes and tuned out, huh? :)  But seriously.

My friend Amy posted this pic on Facebook yesterday and it made me laugh..

The caption read: “Well, Pinterest, we tried.”


Awesome, huh??  How about Pinterest raise the bar for all of us and make us think that we should be capable of creating delightful culinary treats while wearing adorable clothing with perfectly messy fishtailed hair in our amazingly precious abodes.  Ha!

Now, Amy is a great mom {and she is also the Executive Director of The Tapestry Project – check it out!}, so it’s no surprise that she would use Pinterest for some fun holiday treat project.  I tend to use Pinterest for more shallow things.  Like socks.  

Awhile back, I pinned these pretty socks and decided that I desperately needed to own some like them, even though I had never seen any similar ones for sale anywhere.  Let’s keep in mind that I shop almost exclusively at thrift stores these days.


Well, enter a random trip to the mall with my girl Kylie, who was hunting for a cross-body bag to carry at school.  We stumbled into Claire’s or The Icing, can’t remember which.  And lo and behold, if I didn’t go straight to the back corner to look for cheap clearance stuff stumble across these beauties, marked down to just two dollars!


I scooped them up, with visions of my inspiration socks dancing in my head.


I mean, I know they’re not exactly the same or anything, but I’m not a picky girl.  And besides, I prefer loose inspiration, or the suggestion of an idea, rather than exact and literal copies, anyway.


Thank you, Pinterest, for making me need things I never even knew I wanted. ;)


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