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matt & kadie’s wedding ~ the nephews

126 groom with baby nephewI mean, these nephews at Matt & Kadie’s wedding were just too cute not to share. :) Kadie’s nephew was the adorable ring bearer, and Matt’s nephew was a super stud poser during the family pix, as you can see in the photo above. I have three nephews myself, so I love seeing the bonds being formed here. So sweet!130 bride with ring bearer nephewHis face when he looked at his aunt in her wedding dress! #meltmyheart127 bride with ring bearer nephew128 bride with ring bearer nephew129 bride with ring bearer nephew131 bride with ring bearer nephewOh man. Those freckles and eyelashes!124 cute freckled ring bearer125 cute freckled ring bearerComing up next, the ceremony photos…

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