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matt & kadie’s wedding ~ the exit

030 sparkler wedding exitWell, we have come to the final post from Matt & Kadie’s wedding. Sure, I could’ve included these with the reception pix, but the exit was just so cute that I wanted to give it it’s own post. I always love a good sparkler exit. I also enjoy it when an exit involves an outfit change! :)031 sparkler wedding exitThey’re just so happy! I love it.032 sparkler wedding exit033 sparkler wedding exit034 sparkler wedding exitThat look between Kadie and her mom. So sweet.035 sparkler wedding exitMatt & Kadie~

What a joy it was to celebrate with you and document your love! :) Thanks so much for trusting me. You guys are the coolest.023 church wedding receptionI’ll be back next week with a million and one portrait sessions! Plus some chatting about life, because I need to do more of that on here. :)

Happy weekend, friends!


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