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kiss ‘n’ makeup ~ purply eyeshadow

Last night, I actually watched a couple of shows on my DVR.  To be honest, I usually don’t have time to watch the shows I DVR.  But there’s a show on Vh1 called House of Consignment that is fun and fashion-y, so of course I started recording it.  The episodes are only thirty minutes long, so they’re quick to watch when you fast forward the commercials. :)

In one of the episodes I watched last night, Corri, the main girl, was wearing some great purple eyeshadow. I snapped a pic on my phone of my TV screen so that I could use it for inspiration.

I used my phone again, once I was at work this morning, to take a few photos of my loose translation of the look.  Sorry the photos are a bit blown out and not quite sharp.  I guess that’s what having an iPhone has done to me.  Like the rest of the world, sometimes I let instant, easy iPhone pics trump the time-consuming quality of using a “real” camera.  ;)

I am a total girly-girl.  Pretty makeup makes me happy.  So, happy Monday to all of you!


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