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just for fun ~ i sort of planned a wedding {not for myself}

Yesterday, during my lunch break, I met up with a couple of friends at my favorite place the Rink Gallery.  Instead of buying a bunch of fabulous things there, I decided to do something a little different.  You see, yesterday morning, I saw this blog post by Free People, and I was smitten by this dress.

I mean, patchwork lace stitched together with neon pink thread?!  Are you kidding me?!  So cool, so gorgeous!

If only I had an occasion to wear such a dress!  And if only I could reverse ten years of gravity so I could get away with a neckline and lace-up back like this.  And if only I could drop $450 on a dress for no reason.

As my inner twenty-two year stared wistfully at this lovely creation, it occurred to me that $450 would actually be very cheap for a wedding dress.  And then I tried to imagine what type of girl would rock this style of dress for her wedding.  I decided she would be a romantic hipster.  And I also decided to sort of plan her wedding.

I thought about my trip to the Rink, and decided to keep an eye out for cool decor and whatever else my romantic hipster bride might want to get for her wedding.  I gave myself an imaginary budget of $5000 and grabbed my camera before I went to meet up with my friends and browse.  We had less than an hour there, so I didn’t get to find every little thing that would be needed for a wedding, but that’s okay, since none of this is real anyway.

Immediately after entering the Rink Gallery, I spotted these awesome necklaces.  I thought they’d be perfect for my girl to give to her bridesmaids to wear.  Of course, being the hip, laid laid back girl that she is, she’d let them choose their own dresses to wear, so these romantic-with-an-edge pieces would help tie their looks together.

These little metal, glitter-coated crowns are a good mix of sweet and cool, and there were two of them.  Wouldn’t it look charming to have the flower girl and ring bearer carry these down the aisle?I loved this sheet music banner.  This one wasn’t for sale, but I’m pretty sure my girl would just DIY them with pages from some thrifted music books.  I did see some music sheet banners with couples’ initials on them in another stall later, but I liked the organic, unfussy look of this one.  The other was a little too manufactured and perfect.  I don’t think my cool girl would go for that, do you?These metal letters were pretty big, I’d say they stood about two feet high.  They would help balance out some of the girly pink touches we’re getting to in a minute.  Maybe my girl’s name is Samantha {Sam to her friends} and her guy’s name is Mason. When I spotted this vintage pink music stand, I thought it would be perfect to hold the guest book.  Or whatever my girl would use to have her guests sign in at the wedding.  Maybe some vintage postcards or something like that?  I’m sure I could have found some cool ones at the Rink if I would’ve dug around.This fish platter would be fun to hold desserts or hors d’oeuvres.And how about an amazing pewter punch bowl with cups and a ladle?

I think that both of the above items would look awesome on the top of this dresser if it were used as a buffet table.This pink chandelier was tucked away, but you know I was looking out for my girl, so my eagle eye spied it.  I’m thinking pretend-bride Samantha would most likely switch out those glass shades for something a little cooler. This chair was so pretty that I thought it deserved to be used in the decor somewhere, too.  Plus, the needlepoint sign on it is oh-so-hipster {don’t hipsters love all things granny-chic??} and wedding-appropriate.

Check out the trim on that baby: so unique and fab!

I feel like Samantha must be the child of a free-spirited 70’s chick, so when I saw this dress, I thought our girl should get it for her mother to wear to the wedding.  Mama don’t do no ordinary mother-of-the-bride dress, she’ll rock it out retro style.These colorful tassels were so cute, and I thought they’d look just grand draped around the old Pepsi machine below, which would be a fun way to offer some drinks to the guests.

That’s all I had time to scope out for this pretend wedding, but I think it’s a great starting point for our cool girl.  Now for the budget breakdown:

  • Dress: $450
  • Bridesmaid Necklaces: $32/ea, so $96
  • Glitter Crowns: $9/ea, so $18
  • Metal Letters: $25/ea, so $50
  • Music Stand Guest Book Table: $45
  • Fish Platter: $19.50
  • Pewter Punch Bowl Set: $265
  • Dresser/Buffet Table: $149
  • Pink Chandelier: $125
  • Crimson Armchair: $72.50
  • Framed Needlepoint: $29.95
  • Mother Of The Bride Dress: $15
  • Tassels: $14
  • Antique Pepsi Machine: I didn’t see a price on it, but I found this very similar one on ebay for $499, so we’ll go with that.

So, that brings us to a total of $1847.95.  Woohoo!  That is way less than I thought I might be able to pretend-spend in an hour, so that’s good news.  And several of these items {chandelier, dresser, metal letters} could be used in the newlyweds’ home, so that’s a plus {assuming her man doesn’t mind a little pink in the house, of course}.  That pewter set is heirloom material, right?  So there’s that, too.  Not to mention there’s plenty left in the budget to spend on important things like, ahem, an amazing photographer! :)

Well, that was fun.  Hope it brightened up this kinda dreary Wednesday for you.


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KrieaFebruary 6, 2013 - 9:32 pm

Love this post!!! Super cute!!! I think the wedding would be fabulous!

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