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iowa sunrise vs iowa sunset

Well, I sincerely hope all of you had as wonderful of a Labor Day weekend as I did.  :)  Friday night was full of family time and delicious food truck eats at h&8th in downtown OKC.  Saturday was spent at Lake Eufala, where I photographed a truly beautiful, intimate wedding.  Sunday was more family time and great food, and Monday was more of the same, plus a bit of work done on some house projects.  I spent half of yesterday painting my bathroom a pale lavender color, and now I’m debating between these two images to print big and hang in said bathroom. iowa sunriseiowa sunsetI shot both of these on a recent trip to Iowa, and I’m torn between which one to use.  Maybe I can use both!  As I complete areas in it, I’ll keep you guys posted with some “after” photos of my little home.  :)


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