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i’m thankful for grace

See this beautiful girl?  Her name is Grace, and she has been part of my life for the past couple of years.  She is in my small group at Switch, which is my church’s teen program.

Toward the end of last year, Grace asked me if we could go through a book together.  It was the book Searching For God Knows What, by Donald Miller, and I had mentioned many times during our small group time how much God had used that book to change my life by helping me understand a deeper, closer relationship with Him.

So, Grace and I started meeting on Tuesdays to go through the book together.

And after we finished the book, we kept meeting on Tuesdays, doing things like giving food to homeless people and praying and writing cards to our moms and eating pizza and trying to change our little Oklahoma corner of the world.

Now, Grace is leaving to go to South Africa for almost a year, where she will have a chance to change a different part of the world. :)  I am so proud of her, and excited to watch this adventure unfold for her.  But man, I cried my eyes out last night when I had to tell her goodbye.

This girl has been woven into my heart and life over the past couple of years, and I will miss her dearly.

Grace Day~
You have strengthened my faith and helped my walk with God grow deeper.  Thank you for letting me in to your heart and life.  Thank you for being real with me.  Thank you for loving me. :)  I am forever grateful that God put you in my life.  You always make me smile.  I appreciate your goodness and your earnest heart in seeking truth and pursuing Christ.  I love you so much!!


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