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gabe & ashley’s wedding ~ the reception party

000 Stonebridge Outdoor ReceptionWell, we have reached the final post from Gabe & Ashley’s beautiful wedding day at Stonebridge Wedding Venue in Blum, TX. In case you’re new around here, I will fill you in on why this was such a special wedding for me to shoot… Ashley, the bride, was married to my younger brother Jack for five years before his life was taken while serving as a Green Beret in the Philippines in 2009. Gabe, the groom, also lost his brother that same year. Gabe’s brother Elijah was also in the military, and Gabe & Ashley met while working for TAPS, an organization that helps people who have lost military family members. Gabe and Ashley have been so wonderful to my family, always keeping us involved in their lives, which means the world to us. Their wedding day was no exception, and it warms my heart each time I look at their photos and see my family all celebrating together. <3

I’ve shared several posts from their day already, which you can see by clicking here. In today’s post, we will look at some of my favorites from the reception parrrrtay they had after the ceremony! :) The wedding party started things off with a little champagne toast.001 Stonebridge Outdoor ReceptionThen it was time for some dancing!002 Stonebridge Outdoor Reception003 Stonebridge Outdoor Reception004 Stonebridge Outdoor Reception005 Stonebridge Outdoor Reception006 Stonebridge Outdoor Reception007 Stonebridge Outdoor Reception008 Stonebridge Outdoor ReceptionAshley’s dress was just perfect for twirling!009 Stonebridge Outdoor Reception010 Stonebridge Outdoor Reception011 Stonebridge Outdoor Reception012 Stonebridge Outdoor Reception014 Stonebridge Outdoor Reception015 Stonebridge Outdoor ReceptionLove Greg & Debra, Ashley’s awesome parents!016 Stonebridge Outdoor Reception013 Stonebridge Outdoor Reception017 Stonebridge Outdoor ReceptionAshley’s Maid of Honor, pictured above, also made their lovely wedding cake!018 Stonebridge Outdoor Reception019 Stonebridge Outdoor Reception020 Stonebridge Outdoor ReceptionGabe dancing with his grandma…so sweet!021 Stonebridge Outdoor Reception022 Stonebridge Outdoor Reception023 Stonebridge Outdoor ReceptionOkay, so Ashley’s family has a longstanding tradition of “stealing” the bride as she and the groom are making their exit. My nephew DJ was more than happy to carry on this tradition and snatched Ashley from Gabe and raced her off to my brother in law, who was waiting to whisk her away in a car.024 Stonebridge Outdoor Reception026 Stonebridge Outdoor Reception025 Stonebridge Outdoor ReceptionAfter a few minutes, Ashley was kindly returned to her groom. ;)027 Stonebridge Outdoor ReceptionAnd they were off, to live happily ever after! :)028 Stonebridge Outdoor ReceptionAshley & Gabe~

THANK YOU for being the people you are, for helping me believe more and more in love, for being a shining example of hope, and for allowing me to document your wedding day for you! I love you guys so much.



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