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gabe & ashley’s wedding ~ the bride and groom

005-bride-groom-stonebridge-weddingYou guys, I have to tell you about this wedding. This is Ashley & Gabe. They’re amazing. And so is their story. As you read, you will see why this is one of the most special weddings I’ve ever shot.

About twelve years ago, Ashley became part of my family when she married my brother, Jack. Even before that, she had become a close friend of mine and my sisters. We were all overjoyed when she and Jack met, fell in love, and got married. They had five brief and gloriously happy years together before Jack was taken from this world too soon, at the age of twenty-six, while serving as a Green Beret. That same year, 2009, Gabe’s brother Elijah’s life was also cut short while serving.

Then, a few years ago, Gabe and Ashley met while working for TAPS, a wonderful organization that provides help to those who have lost people in the military. They began dating, and I was so very happy for Ashley. I could tell when I talked with her that Gabe was special. Then when my family met Gabe, it was so apparent to me this was such a God thing.

It’s difficult for me to put this all into words, but I’m going to try my best, because I want you all, but mostly Gabe and Ashley, to understand how their relationship has been a balm to my soul. Ashley could have met Gabe and “moved on” with her life. She could have left my family back with the heartache of losing Jack. She could have turned the page and not included us in the next chapter, in all the chapters to come. But she didn’t. And Gabe, he could have felt intimidated by the looming shadow of Jack, with our family coming along into his new relationship with Ashley. But he didn’t. Gabe was steady and confident and loving and understanding. And Ashley was and is full of joy again, so in love again.

Gabe and Ashley live in Texas now, and they’ve come up many times to visit. Gabe’s sister-in-law and niece live here in Oklahoma also. And we all get together when they are here, and I just look at this jumbled family gathering, and I think h0w God pieced us all together from broken hearts and interrupted lives. And it is so very special.

In August, Gabe and Ashley got married at the beautiful Stonebridge venue in Blum, TX {seriously, it’s stunning – but I’ll write more about it in posts to come}. I had the privilege of photographing their wedding. As you can imagine, it is one of the most meaningful weddings I’ve ever done. I have about a million favorite photos to blog from it, but I thought we’d start today with images of the gorgeous bride and handsome groom. :) Their wedding was unique and included a wardrobe change for both of them, which I loooove. Here they are in their first outfits, but keep scrolling to see what they wore for the second half of the evening.010-bride-groom-stonebridge-wedding011-bride-groom-stonebridge-wedding001-bride-groom-stonebridge-weddingI have to throw in a huge shout out to Darla, who did a fantastic job on Ashley’s hair and makeup!012-bride-groom-stonebridge-wedding002-bride-groom-stonebridge-wedding004-bride-groom-stonebridge-wedding003-bride-groom-stonebridge-weddingSee how they look at each other?! It’s a beautiful thing.006-bride-groom-stonebridge-wedding007-bride-groom-stonebridge-wedding008-bride-groom-stonebridge-wedding009-bride-groom-stonebridge-weddingThe above outfits were worn for the first part of the evening, which included a barbeque dinner, fun games, and mingling with guests {again, I’ll share more in posts to come}. Right before the ceremony, Gabe and Ashley changed into something a little fancier. The moments alone when they first saw each other after changing were so sweet!

013-bride-groom-stonebridge-wedding014-bride-groom-stonebridge-wedding015-bride-groom-stonebridge-wedding016-bride-groom-stonebridge-wedding019-bride-groom-stonebridge-wedding017-bride-groom-stonebridge-wedding018-bride-groom-stonebridge-weddingThey had a sunset ceremony, so immediately afterward, we jumped on a golf cart and raced to the river to grab a few portraits right at dusk. I am in love with the images we got!023-bride-groom-stonebridge-wedding024-bride-groom-stonebridge-wedding025-bride-groom-stonebridge-wedding026-bride-groom-stonebridge-wedding027-bride-groom-stonebridge-wedding020-bride-groom-stonebridge-wedding022-bride-groom-stonebridge-wedding021-bride-groom-stonebridge-wedding028-bride-groom-stonebridge-wedding030-bride-groom-stonebridge-wedding029-bride-groom-stonebridge-weddingThen we headed back for the after party {dancing! cake! more dancing!}. But first I had to capture some photos along the lighted pathway. So pretty.031-bride-groom-stonebridge-wedding032-bride-groom-stonebridge-weddingMore posts to come…..

Ashley & Gabe~

I love you guys. I’m so happy you found each other. Thank you for allowing me to capture your very special day.




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SheriNovember 14, 2016 - 5:45 pm

Love stories are my favorite!! Ashley has always been such a wonderful young lady. Im so very happy the two of them found one another and also that they included you guys!!

[…] gabe & ashley’s wedding ~ the bride and groom […]

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