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diy banner by the fabulous megann

As I mentioned in my post earlier today, I asked my friend Megann to tell us how she made this precious diy banner for her and Troy’s one year anniversary photo shoot.  The thing I love about this is she can put it up in her house now and enjoy it for awhile.  And maybe she will frame some of their photos around it. ;)  I could also see something like this being used for wedding decor, or a different phrase {or word} for a nursery or newborn photo session.  So many possibilities!

“Well I wanted to create a sign with a song lyric celebrating our one year! Part of the reason I used a lyric was because our wedding was centered around our common love for music! First I chose the color scheme… Again sticking with our wedding day theme… Gold, black, and GLAM! So what better place to go when diving into a craft project…Hobby Lobby of course! I decided each word of the phrase “so happy together” would have its own look, but each would have the common piece of burlap. So I chose several types of scrapbook paper… Be cautious to chose colors, patterns, and textures that work together. Then, I stumbled upon cardboard cutouts of banner templates. These cutouts come in different shapes and sizes as well, with holes already punched out to hang them. I was originally going to do the typical upside down triangle but then I saw the curved square! Picked up one burlap thread to weave the whole banner together, and some “glammy” scrapbook pieces… Kinda like rosettes to spastically add to the banner. The centers had gems… LOVE! Then home it was, to put it all together. Used the cardboard template to cut out burlap and black velvet to cover the cardboard… Adhered with cement glue. And lined up so you can punch a hole through template holes. The word “happy” was done with black velvet and turquoise paint for the lettering. What I love about the color is it was the same paint I used to letter the bags I gave to all my bridesmaids. Then for “so” and “together” I layered many different sheets, mixing up those patterns and textures but still all in the same color scheme. Each letter was completely different from the next, alternating shapes between diamonds, circles, ovals, and the template shape and layering atop of one another. Contrast is very appealing and gives a project a personal and almost boutique-y touch. Also when repeating shapes, I always use the first one as a template. Saves on paper, time, and peace of mind. Before gluing any of the pieces onto the template and one another, I laid the entire thing out on the floor to see how it looked. Once satisfied, I glued everything down and painted the lettering. Keeping with the contrast “so” was done in a tan color and “together” done in black. Also I changed the fonts to more straight lettering since “happy” was curved lettering. Once all dry it was time to thread. Take your spool of burlap thread and unwind more than you think you would need to thread the entire phrase together. You can start from either side… Going up and under through the first punch out hole and into the next, creating the stitch effect, where the piece of thread is seen atop and across each letter piece of the banner. Make sure each end, from where you first thread and where you last thread, has about one to two inches of thread slack before tying off into a bow or knot to secure the piece. Lastly, added your glam scrapbook pieces. Again lay out first to see what looks best before gluing down. And I used lacey thread to make loose bows on either side of the middle word “happy.” Same thing done with the cake banner but now cardboard templates, thread with ribbon, and ends were tied to sticks that stood in the cake.”

Thank you so much for sharing this sweet little how-to with us Megann! :)


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Kelly BeaneJune 27, 2013 - 3:00 pm

Alrighty, I think I should make one of these for our future family session. How fun… and I’m feeling crafty! ;)

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