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that’s what she wore ~ lace & skinny cargos

I have literally owned this denim jacket since I was seventeen years old.Β  I’m thirty-one.Β  I got it from Target.Β  A long, long time ago. :) I guess it’s held up pretty well, huh?Β  It does have this one pretty decent sized hole by the collar.Β  But I don’t mind that a bit. I think […]

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thrift thriving ~ my new laptop bag

So, the other day I stopped by Goodwill, as I often do on my lunch break.  The very cute laptop bag I had been carrying {a gift from my mama last Christmas} was falling apart, so I was excited to see this cute orange bag for less than ten dollars.  It also looked like it […]

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find and gift

A few days before Christmas, I had to drive through a Walmart parking lot, and I was reminded of one of the reasons perks of not doing any of my shopping at the usual places like Walmart or the mall.. I actually made it through the entire Christmas season without stepping foot into a Walmart, […]

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{not so} lofty goals

For the past couple of years, my goal for Christmas shopping has been to buy mostly locally made or thrifted items for those on my list.  Not that I have a list.  Oh no, that would require more organizational skills than I possess.  I do, however, have a mental list.  Which is sketchy, I’ll be […]

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