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thrift thriving ~ some tips and basics

Tonight, I am heading to Iowa for a family reunion there tomorrow.Β  Since I wisely and uncharacteristically packed last night, I had time on my lunch break to do a little shopping at Goodwill.Β  The topic of thrifting comes up frequently with me, and people are always asking me how I find “such good stuff” […]

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that’s what she wore ~ via instagram

Like everyone else in the world, I’ve fallen hard for Instagram.Β  {Come find me there: Abi_Ruth}Β  And I have gotten in the habit of posting my #ootd on there.Β  #ootd = outfit of the day.Β  Here’s a side note for anyone who doesn’t understand the point of hashtags on Instagram and Twitter: let’s say I […]

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thrift thriving ~ house stuff and a few bags

This week has been a bit of an emotional roller coaster for me.Β  Just keepin’ it real.Β  So, I turned to my coping mechanism of choice and did a bit of shopping.Β  My favorite places for retail therapy are thrift stores, especially because I can get my “shopping high” while keeping my spending total low. […]

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craigslist fun ~ free futon

Recently, I made my first Craigslist purchase.Β  It seems that this is the summer of purging and adding to my home decor.Β  So, I’ll be blogging about it at some point, I’m sure.Β  But that’s not the story today.Β  Because today, I’d just like to share this little gem I came across on Craigslist recently.Β  […]

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that’s what she wore ~ summery green skirt plus denim

Sometimes I stare off into the distance for photos.. ;) {Head scarf: Calvin Klein, from TJ Maxx for about $15, I think; shirt: Levi’s, thrifted} Every spring, when I start wearing short sleeves again on a regular basis, I get asked about my tattoo.Β  It’s a memorial tattoo for my younger brother Jack, who was […]

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