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paper-clipped hair

So, this morning at work I pinned back my hair with some paper-clips, since I didn’t have any bobby pins on me. If you’ve done anything cooler than that today, please let me know.. ;) {Side note: What’s up w/ this face??  Let’s not pay attention to my weird mouth here, or the fact that […]

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Glitter Jesus

There are some things you should know in order to fully comprehend this post:~I love Jesus.  A lot.~In my opinion, glitter makes the world a better place.~Sometimes, I trade photo shoots for various things/services instead of requiring monetary payment.  For example, I’ve traded my hair girl Jamie for hair services, and my friend Abbi for […]

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kiss ‘n’ makeup ~ little pots of gold, er, eyeliner

This summer, in addition to earning lots of cash back rewards with my CVS Extra Care card, I also made some fun/invaluable discoveries.  For one, I found my intoxicating summer scent {mentioned in this post} at CVS.  And two, I discovered these little magical pots of eyeliner by Physicians Formula.  To me, these might as […]

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that’s what she wore ~ plaid and sparkles

My outfit today… {vest ~ thrifted; brown long sleeved shirt ~ i’ve owned forever and don’t remember where I got it :)} {These sweet earrings were hand carved by Michael Hintze.  His jewelry and other woodwork is awesome!  Contact him at 405.487.7109.} {I scored this sparkly skirt at Marshall’s for ten bucks!} {watch ~ Ross; […]

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