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fashion chatter ~ tree & leaf tee shirts

I don’t really think of myself as a tee shirt girl, but I realized that in the last week, I have worn three tee shirts by the cool guys over at Tree & Leaf. These are all just random Instagram pix, so you can’t really see the shirts very well.  Here are the links, if […]

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rainy day ‘do

I hardly ever wear my hair up.  It is, without a doubt, my security blanket.  But sometimes I don’t feel like washing it, and some days it just doesn’t look good down.  Today, it was struggling.  So, I twisted it up on top of my head and added a thick headband thingy. :) Easy.  Fun.  […]

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true life stories ~ renewing my license

I don’t know what you did on your lunch break today, but I went home and made a healthy lunch and then renewed my license.  But of course, it’s me, so there’s more to the story.  See, first of all, I’ve been delaying getting my license renewed.  One, because I am a procrastinator and that’s […]

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that’s what she wore ~ lace & skinny cargos

I have literally owned this denim jacket since I was seventeen years old.  I’m thirty-one.  I got it from Target.  A long, long time ago. :) I guess it’s held up pretty well, huh?  It does have this one pretty decent sized hole by the collar.  But I don’t mind that a bit. I think […]

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my favorite fashion sites

As I might have previously mentioned here about eighty-two times, I am a reader of blogs.  Just for fun today, I thought I’d share my three favorite style bloggers.  Just in case you need some inspiration for what to wear this weekend. :) First up is Blair Eadie at Atlantic-Pacific.  I absolutely love the way […]

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