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that’s what she wore ~ summery green skirt plus denim

Sometimes I stare off into the distance for photos.. ;) {Head scarf: Calvin Klein, from TJ Maxx for about $15, I think; shirt: Levi’s, thrifted} Every spring, when I start wearing short sleeves again on a regular basis, I get asked about my tattoo.ย  It’s a memorial tattoo for my younger brother Jack, who was […]

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sometimes i spray paint hats

  I am a hat girl.ย  I love wearing hats and I enjoy it when other people wear hats.ย  I have a favorite hat that I bought at an amazing store named Pepper, in Seattle.ย  It is a gold fedora, and I’ve often wondered if it was gold originally, or if Pepper or someone else […]

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kiss ‘n’ makeup ~ purply eyeshadow

Last night, I actually watched a couple of shows on my DVR.ย  To be honest, I usually don’t have time to watch the shows I DVR.ย  But there’s a show on Vh1 called House of Consignment that is fun and fashion-y, so of course I started recording it.ย  The episodes are only thirty minutes long, […]

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yellow-orange sparkly nails

When I turned thirty, I started painting my nails, and I’ve never looked back.ย  Obviously, I sometimes painted my nails before I entered my thirties.ย  I am a girly-girl after all.ย  But these days, I feel practically naked without polish on my nails. Here are what my nails look like today. :) This is a […]

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