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thrift thriving ~ some tips and basics

Tonight, I am heading to Iowa for a family reunion there tomorrow.  Since I wisely and uncharacteristically packed last night, I had time on my lunch break to do a little shopping at Goodwill.  The topic of thrifting comes up frequently with me, and people are always asking me how I find “such good stuff” […]

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that’s what she wore ~ via instagram

Like everyone else in the world, I’ve fallen hard for Instagram.  {Come find me there: Abi_Ruth}  And I have gotten in the habit of posting my #ootd on there.  #ootd = outfit of the day.  Here’s a side note for anyone who doesn’t understand the point of hashtags on Instagram and Twitter: let’s say I […]

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random music videos ~ creative inspiration

I’ll admit it, I don’t watch a ton of music videos.  But whenever I need a little inspiration, I click on one of these three music videos.  I love them so much that I own each of them in my iTunes so I can watch them whenever I want.  Not only do they each feature […]

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well, this is fun!

I have a couple of fun links to share with you guys today.  See, thanks to the awesome world wide web, I can pretend that I am becoming famous.  Just kidding.  But seriously, check this stuff out… About a month ago, I got a nice email from a girl, asking if she could use a […]

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pretty sparkly shoes

As much as I love shoes, I really have no idea how they are made.  I do know that one time, a few years ago, I added a million {slight exaggeration} little jewels to a pair of heels for my sweet friend Cassie to wear on her wedding day.  Here’s proof, in the form of […]

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