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matt & kadie’s wedding ~ the exit

Well, we have come to the final post from Matt & Kadie’s wedding. Sure, I could’ve included these with the reception pix, but the exit was just so cute that I wanted to give it it’s own post. I always love a good sparkler exit. I also enjoy it when an exit involves an outfit […]

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matt & kadie’s wedding ~ the reception

Like everything else about their wedding day, Matt & Kadie‘s reception was awesome. And their wedding reception totally proved wrong an opinion I’d had about weddings before this. See, here in Oklahoma, I shoot weddings pretty often that don’t serve any alcohol. Might be unusual elsewhere, but here in the Bible belt, it’s pretty common. […]

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matt & kadie’s wedding ~ the ceremony

Matt & Kadie‘s ceremony was beautiful, just like the two of them. Here are some of my favorite photos from it. The way they looked at each other…Dip that girl, Matt! :)Oh yes.Haha! Loved this.When we were walking out to take their portraits, Matt got Kadie a cup of water and I said something like, […]

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matt & kadie’s wedding ~ the nephews

I mean, these nephews at Matt & Kadie’s wedding were just too cute not to share. :) Kadie’s nephew was the adorable ring bearer, and Matt’s nephew was a super stud poser during the family pix, as you can see in the photo above. I have three nephews myself, so I love seeing the bonds […]

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