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afternoon ramblings ~ all at once

Life is funny, isn’t it?  And not always in a “haha” kind of way. On the same day that you start the day off with a phone call from a hurting friend who is desperate to repair her broken marriage, you might hear from another friend who is sharing the lovely news that he and […]

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betsy’s 30th birthday

As I mentioned, last week I was on vacation in Orlando with some close friends of mine.  Other than just getting to see each other and spend some time together, one of the main reasons for our trip was to celebrate my dear friend Betsy’s thirtieth birthday.  The morning of her birthday, we slept in […]

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leaving orlando

I’m sitting in the airport in Orlando.  In a Starbucks, specifically.  In the past few minutes, I observed a darling family with a cute dad, pretty mom, and two adorable boys dressed in ball caps, tees, and ripped skinny jeans.  That’s about as all-American as you can get.  I also watched an ultra-chic set of […]

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just “a”

So I’m in Orlando on vacation.  I’m here with a few friends who I’ve known since I was about thirteen years old.  The fact that we are still friends and we go on trips together makes my heart so happy.  I am actually just chilling at a nail place while the other girls get pedicures, […]

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