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photo shoot ~ brittany’s headshots

Here’s an embarrassing fact: I never know if I should write “headshots” or “head shots”… My bff Dictionary.com doesn’t help me too much, considering it tells me either one is acceptable.  So today, I’m going with headshots, all one word – despite my computer putting a little red dotted line under it in protest. :) […]

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photo shoot ~ church staff headshots

Yesterday, I posted pix of my friends Vince & Melissa and their fam.  Vince is the campus pastor at the new LifeChurch.tv campus over on Britton and Broadway.  A couple of weeks ago, he asked me to come take a few staff photos for them.  We did a couple group ones and then some headshots […]

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photo shoot ~ cadence: head shots

This is Cadence.  I’ve done portrait sessions of her and her little sister and their mom and dad before, and I always have a blast with this fun family.  Cadence is a little performer, so she needed some head shots.  I love doing head shot sessions, and I try to keep them interesting and creative.  […]

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dallas photo shoot ~ nikki

This is my lovely friend Nikki.  Currently, Nikki lives and does mission work in Haiti.  A few weeks ago, she came to The States to work on a worship album she is making {I’ll keep you all posted when she releases it}.  Nikki and I were college friends and hadn’t seen each other in over […]

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fab friends ~ meg

This is my friend Meg. Meg is a fabulous, young-old soul.  She is just as likely to sit and read a classic novel as she is to attend a Drake concert.  It’s this awesome mix of modern and old-timey that makes Meg so fascinating. She also has a heart of gold.  And I am blessed […]

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