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afternoon ramblings ~ current music obsessions

It’s been way too long since we’ve talked about music here.  And since I’ve been stuck on the same playlist in my iTunes lately, I thought it was high time we chatted about the songs I’m currently obsessed with.  When it comes to songs/artists I love, it typically goes one of two ways for me:  […]

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veterans day ~ far from average

The above paper was written by my younger brother, Jack.  He wrote it his senior year of high school.  Since Jack was killed while serving in the Special Forces as a Green Beret back in 2009, my family has treasured all the mementos we have of him, as families who lose a loved one tend […]

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afternoon ramblings ~ feel-good friday

It’s the strangest thing, but lately I have been getting a bit melancholy on Fridays at work.  It seems like by the end of each week, the day just starts to really drag on and the phone isn’t ringing in the office, and there’s too much quiet for my brain.  But today is not one […]

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