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afternoon ramblings ~ a fantasy day in blog world

I was thinking it would be fun to imagine how a day would go for me if I could hang out with some of my favorite bloggers.  Maybe this is only fun for me, but that’s okay because it’s my blog.  It could also be fun for you if you love following blogs as much […]

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wonderful wedding wednesday ~ wine

You know the story of how Jesus turned water into wine at a wedding back in the day?  I know you know it.  That’s what this image makes me think of. This is a photo from Shea and Teyon’s beautiful wedding last year, and I love it so I wanted to share it with you […]

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afternoon ramblings ~ beauty is in the eye of the beholder

Because of the way God wired me, I am drawn to beauty like..well, I can’t think of a clever analogy at the moment, so let’s just say I am really drawn to beauty.  In and of itself, it’s a great trait; but mixed with a sinful nature, this appreciation of all things beautiful can lead […]

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seriously the best, easiest diy coffee body scrub ever!!

For several years now, I have tried to do local, thrifted, or handmade gifts for my friends and family at Christmastime.  I also tend to pick a general theme for my gifts, whether that means making multiples/variations of the same thing, or buying similar items {one year I got used books for everyone in my […]

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