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for grace

A few years ago, after being in my small group at Switch for awhile, Grace Day came to me and asked me to mentor her.  We started meeting on a weekly basis.  We went through some books together, read out of the Bible, prayed, ate, talked, laughed, cried {okay I cried way more than she […]

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liebster award nomination ~ ten random questions and answers

The lovely Kristen, of Miss Southern blog, nominated me for the Liebster Awards.  I had never actually heard of this before, but was instantly flattered and on board with answering some fun questions: What are the two things that you can’t leave the house without each day?  My iPhone, of course {I am sadly dependent […]

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weekend finds ~ thrifty home goods

I had an early photo session this past Saturday morning, so when I was done, I stopped back by my house to pick up my grandma and head over to my favorite local thrift store.  I wanted to find a big cork bulletin board to cover and use in our house.  Along the way, we […]

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afternoon ramblings ~ what’s on my mind today, for the moment

Things on my mind today: ~I either read/heard/completely made up something about how there are actually no buffalo in Oklahoma {maybe all of the U.S.??} because technically what we have here are bison.  Is this true?  Since my spirit animal has recently been established as a rumblecorn {half bison -as in Rumble the Thunder mascot- […]

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