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it’s wednesday..

..Hug a cowboy today.  Or a bull rider.  Or just a guy in boots.  With a big belt buckle.  Or hey, just find a cute boy to hug.  That will do.  :) {This is Tyris.  I’ll post more pix of him soon.  You’re welcome.} Have a good day! ~abi~

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unbelievable night! {kd’s all star charity game in okc}

Sometimes you just need a night that is a little bit removed from your reality.  A few hours away from normal life.  A break from the usual.  Last night was just that for me.  My friend B took me to the all star charity basketball game hosted by Kevin Durant here in OKC.  Obviously, my […]

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a time

Lately it has felt as though my heart and emotions have been on a wild roller coaster ride.  I do love roller coasters, but the recent up and down and around has gone on for too long.  My heart is demanding rest, quiet, peace. And today, my God has blessed me with just that. Last […]

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Today, the NBA lockout is on my mind, since talks are going on between the owners and players that might determine the outcome.  As a ridiculous fan of the OKC Thunder, my heart is hoping and longing for the lockout to end!  As I was thinking about all this and about what to blog today, […]

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a story of two cats, a ghost and a gun, by my friend b

You all have no idea how excited I am to share today’s guest post, by my friend Brandie, aka B.  I know I’ve mentioned her several, several times on this blog before, and I am happy that you guys will get a deeper glimpse into the wonderful enigma that is my friend B.  Get ready, […]

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