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my token pinterest post

Okay, so I hate to be typical and blog about Pinterest and inspiration from Pinterest and blah blah blah … Half of you probably just rolled your eyes and tuned out, huh? :)  But seriously. My friend Amy posted this pic on Facebook yesterday and it made me laugh.. The caption read: “Well, Pinterest, we […]

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it would be a fun job for you, i swear..

I think I would like a personal assistant for Christmas, please and thank you.   If I had a personal assistant, these are the first tasks I would assign to him/her: 1~ Please go through all my old Facebook photos and delete all the unflattering shots of me.  {Yes, this is very narcissistic.  But maybe […]

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to bring a smile to your face, i hope

I had a wonderful weekend, filled to the brim with two special weddings {one, my brother’s, and the other a dear friend of mine}, a sweet newborn session, and quality time spent with family and friends.  When I got out of bed this morning, my calf muscles hated me a little bit after two plus […]

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four random things, and one terrible thing

1~ I have lots of interesting and/or good theories on “true love”…just ask me sometime. 2~ I suck at remembering most things.  Unless it comes to winning an argument with a boy I like, and then I remember every single necessary detail.  Especially every word he said/didn’t say. 3~ I never, ever “got” the phrase […]

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