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diy spray painted sweater

I found this sweater {minus the heart} at Goodwill recently, and I debated buying it.  In the end, I got it, because I want to own more winter clothes, and I liked the colors.  But I wanted to add a little “edge” to it.  It just seemed too sweet or plain.  I thought of spray […]

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diy ~ neon ombre purse

Neon and ombre are two trends that have been going strong for awhile now.  And since I live in Oklahoma, where trends come and go with less speed and frequency, I figure they’ll both be around for awhile. ;)  But really, maybe I should have done this little painted bag diy a couple of months […]

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guest post by wendi o’connor ~ it is what it is

This is my friend Wendi.  Or Dub O C, as I like to call her – since I enjoy giving rapper names to pretty little white girls who can rap/do spoken word. :) Wendi has become one of my very close friends.  Every single week, we pray together at least once in person.  That alone […]

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true life stories ~ i might have bronzed a spider

For those who don’t know, I live with my sister Amber.  Our house {her house, really} is wonderful, and I am so grateful that I can call it home.  But it could be described as “lacking curb appeal”.  So I had decided at the beginning of the summer to do something about that. Well, at […]

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