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life lessons from a thrift store

Yesterday, I made my way over to a nearby thrift store to do a little shopping on my lunch break. This has become a normal way for me to pass the time and avoid the fast food trap during the noon to one hour. My family is doing pictures today. As the unofficial stylist for […]

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we’re just moments

How often can one mention being “so busy” before it just starts to get annoying? In my opinion, it gets annoying pretty quickly. After all, everyone is busy. Well, maybe not my grandparents who live on a farm in Iowa…But then again, with well over fifty immediate descendants, even they seem to have a full […]

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this will make you smile

This holiday season, my heart is continuously warmed as I shoot and edit portraits for sweet little families such as this one… Seriously, how precious are those twin babies?? Obviously, look at their parents and you can see that they have some good genes! So adorable! Makes me smile. ~abi~

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it’s as simple as something that nobody knows

Here are a few facts about living in Oklahoma: 1~Here in good old Oklahoma, it is not considered cheap or tacky at all to get a design on your toes when you get a pedicure. {Also okay: french mani/pedi’s–but I refrain from that.} ;) 2~Even though it might get bitterly cold here, we usually don’t […]

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leggings and boots, boots and leggings

As a young teen, I lived in a small town in Iowa and harbored a secret dream of maybe one day moving to New York City to be a high fashion makeup artist. But at that time, my life consisted mainly of…let’s see…church; friends; church; babysitting and then moving up to working at KMart; church; […]

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