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female posing guide

This week, I’ll be sharing a few senior portrait sessions I have done lately.  As I was choosing images of Courtney to post, I thought it might be fun to make a quick little basic posing guide.  Now, obviously this set of poses is more for females than males {maybe I’ll do one of those […]

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diy banner by the fabulous megann

As I mentioned in my post earlier today, I asked my friend Megann to tell us how she made this precious diy banner for her and Troy’s one year anniversary photo shoot.  The thing I love about this is she can put it up in her house now and enjoy it for awhile.  And maybe […]

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true life stories ~ a tale of two diy painted rugs

This is a fun rug, right?  Here’s what it used to look like..A month or so ago, Jenny posted over at Little Green Notebook about a new rug she got.  I clicked over to the site she got it from, since I enjoy looking at cool rugs – even they are usually all way out […]

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true life stories ~ hobbies of mine

I’m thirty-two years old, and I feel like I am just now realizing what a hobby is, and the importance of having one – or several.  When I was younger, I’d sort of stumble around when asked what my hobbies were.  I’d try to shape the things I enjoyed doing into some sort of acceptable, […]

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true life stories ~ i made a very easy diy compost bin

Let me tell you how I made my very own, easy, cheap diy compost bin, if you are interested in hearing about it.  And you know, creating rich soil out of crap.  And being green and healthy and saving the earth and all that.  If you’re not interested in all that, I’m not judging.  Avert […]

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