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the birth day of ethan light

A couple of weeks ago, on Wednesday, August 3rd, very early in the morning, I got a text I had been eagerly awaiting. I took a quick shower and rushed to my dear friend Anna Light’s house. She was in labor with her first child! Anna had decided to have her baby in the comfort […]

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wednesday word of the day…strength

strength   [strengkth, strength, strenth] noun1.the quality or state of being strong; bodily or muscular power; vigor.2.mental power, force, or vigor.3.moral power, firmness, or courage.4.power by reason of influence, authority, resources, numbers, etc.5.number, as of personnel or ships in a force or body: a regiment with a strength of 3000. Well, that is the dictionary meaning […]

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true life stories…my weekend trip to austin

In general, I am a ridiculous procrastinator. Usually, my procrastination works against me, but in rare cases it works in my favor. This past weekend, it did both. For months, I had been planning to take a trip to visit my good friend Michael down in Killeen, TX. Of course, Killeen is about an hour […]

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lovely lookalikes…libby & keira knightley

I am that person who is often reminded of someone else when I meet a person. You know what I mean? Like, “Oh, you look so familiar to me. Who do you look like?” Usually, the similarities remind me of some random celebrity, but sometimes it’s just of another friend or person I know. Anyway, […]

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