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slow down everyone, you’re moving too fast

Last night, a good guy friend of mine made an unsettling remark about my hectic schedule. His observation was this, “You don’t have time for a boyfriend.” Hmmm. Stop. Pause. Reflect. Do I have time for a boyfriend? If there were an amazing guy interested in me right now, could it even happen? And aside […]

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red and pink and feathered

Ask any girl you know…There’ no other confidence/mood booster quite like a fabulous new hairdo. Something about sporting a new cut or a new color, or both, just makes you feel like a new person. Right, girls? Well, this past Saturday, my amazing hair girl {Jamie Roark at DK Salon} and I finally got our […]

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tuesday toes…glowy fun

Last night, I think I confused the sweet girl who gave me my pedicure. I asked her to do one coat of white polish, followed by one coat of a clearish-yellowish-greenish tinted polish. I am happy with the results. And I will be even more happy if my toes glow tomorrow night. You see, every […]

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customer service and a glossy kiss

To be honest, I hardly ever shop at the mall anymore. In fact, I would even go so far as to say that I completely avoid going there. You see, I would so much rather just shop at thrift stores or discount stores such as Ross or Kohl’s. There are varied reasons for this preference […]

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