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I feel like a lifetime has passed since I last posted, even though it has been just one week. In that short week, I traveled to New York City and back. There, I celebrated my thirtieth birthday and the New Year. It was an amazing trip, and I was feeling overwhelmed as I tried to […]

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how i got all this for 3 cents

Yesterday, I walked into Tiffany’s The Dollar Jewelry Store and filled a little hand basket with these lovely baubles… I took them to the checkout counter, the nice lady there rang them up for me, I paid her three pennies, and I left. The End. Just kidding. Let me explain. Last month, these lovely people […]

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my ridiculously good-looking family

Last week, my incredible sister in law Ashley came to visit us. I coerced my amazing photographer friend Kelly Beane to come and do a quick session of my awesome family. {Check out her sweet website!} Here is one of my favorites… standing, left to right: Amber, Abe, Mom, Dad, Ashleysitting, left to right: Laila, […]

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happy birthday, amber

I still remember it as one of the saddest days of my life. My parents and I had driven my sister Amber down to Oklahoma City to go to college. And we left her. For the first time in my entire life, I was not going to be living with my older sister and best […]

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life lessons from a thrift store

Yesterday, I made my way over to a nearby thrift store to do a little shopping on my lunch break. This has become a normal way for me to pass the time and avoid the fast food trap during the noon to one hour. My family is doing pictures today. As the unofficial stylist for […]

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