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cupcakes on my mind

This is my friend Brandie. She looks a bit like Sandra Bullock and a bit like Britney Spears, according to many people we meet whenever I am out with her. :) She also makes a.ma.zing cupcakes that look as delightful as they taste. Yep, these are cupcakes. So pretty!!! She made these for me for […]

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the poor girl’s guide to eating in The City

Well, food is on my mind this morning, as it is many mornings. haha. So, I thought I’d share the cheap-yet-fun-and-delicious food and drinks we consumed while in NYC. For our first meal of the trip, we ended up at an amazingly yummy little pizza place, Mariella’s, on 3rd Ave. Jen and I both chose […]

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what i’m working on today 1.11.11

So, I will probably do a couple more random posts about my trip, but yesterday and today I have been happily busy working on an order from one of my favorite subjects, JeRayle. JeRayle lives in Dallas and does some modeling. We have worked together on one shoot prior to this one, and I have […]

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i’m looking at you through the glass

Well, I was going to do a post about all the food and shopping and entertainment of my NYC trip, but it was just too much for one post. Also, I am too caught up in watching snowflakes fall outside my window to do a long and complicated post. So, today you get five photos […]

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decor inspiration from nyc

I didn’t go looking for decor inspiration in NY…In fact, I only snapped one photo thinking, “Yes, I want to do this in my room.” I did, however, take lots and lots of photos of anything that caught my eye. So, looking through my photos, I had about a dozen that sparked decorating ideas for […]

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