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what ‘do ya do

Barring the arrival of *Snowtorious B.I.G. The Remix, which is due to drop this evening, I will be getting my hair done. Yay! Except, Snowtorious will probably arrive as predicted. In which case, I won’t be getting my hair done this evening. Boo. Oh well. If I don’t get my hair done, there’s a possibility […]

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mute monday…a bit of bellagio exterior, las vegas

I really want to institute some topical posting on this little ol’ blog of mine. It would make me happy if I could establish some general days/topics that have somewhat of a theme to them. I am not one who is inclined toward much organization, so this might require a bit of effort on my […]

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two tiny girls, one photo…

…for now. I will for sure be posting more of these two little beauties. They are the twin daughters of my old roommate, partner in crime, and wonderful friend Kristen {aka KC}. :) Happy, snowy weekend! :) ~abi~

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headshots of rachel

Yes, it’s true: here in Oklahoma, we have been snowed in for the past couple of days. I actually had the good fortune to be house sitting a gorgeous home, so this snow-in has been thoroughly enjoyed and appreciated by me! I always welcome a day or more off — although, for me, even days […]

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what is wrong with me and with this picture?

Every time I am late for anything, I blame this… The above is a photo of my actual closet-spilling-out-into-my-bedroom-floor. I took it with my phone this morning, as I was digging frantically for “the other shoe” yet again. And now, can we just pretend for a minute that we are on Twitter, so I can […]

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