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customer service and a glossy kiss

To be honest, I hardly ever shop at the mall anymore. In fact, I would even go so far as to say that I completely avoid going there. You see, I would so much rather just shop at thrift stores or discount stores such as Ross or Kohl’s. There are varied reasons for this preference […]

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hat day

Some days I sort of fix my hair. Some days I just wear a hat. Today, I keep feeling like it is Friday instead of Thursday. But as wonderful as Fridays are, Thursdays always make me happy, too, since Thursdays = LifeGroup for me! ~abi~

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light up my life

Yesterday, for the first time ever in my thirty years on this earth, I was treated to an amazing experience known as the full body massage. I received said massage from a capable girl at Eden Salon and Spa here in OKC. The massage was booked and paid for as a gift to me by […]

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cherish the moment, treasure the memory

My “Best Valentines Day” Ever story has nothing to do with a boyfriend and everything to do with my family. Or, more accurately, it has mostly to do with my brother Jack. {Jack, at my sister in law’s sister’s wedding, July 06} It was February 13, 2004. My younger brother Jack was in training to […]

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snow shoot

Apparently, days off are dangerous for me. Instead of using the snow days to shoot or edit or blog or, heaven forbid, clean my room, I mostly just did nothing. Nothing but read books, read magazines, read blogs, read Facebook statuses, watch tv, watch movies, watch my life drift by, etc. So this past Wednesday, […]

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