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afternoon ramblings ~ what winter blues?

snowy backyard by abi ruth09For as long as I can remember, I’ve maintained that every season, at the beginning of that particular season, is my favorite.  Meaning: at the beginning of spring, spring is my favorite season; beginning of summer, summer is my fave; and so on.  But now I really think I just equally love each season all the way through and through.  Each time of year has something beautiful about it which speaks to me.  And okay, summer might have just the slightest edge in my “favorite” category, because sunshine, tan skin, warm air.  I think living in Oklahoma for so long has really swayed me to love the summer just a tiny bit more than the other seasons, even though you might think it would do the opposite.  After all, it does climb past a hundred degrees quite regularly during the summer here.  But I’ve gotten to where I embrace the heat instead of dreading it.  Of course, air conditioning does help.

But I also can’t deny my Iowa roots, which might be what make me enjoy winter so much.  I will admit that I appreciate winter the very most when it comes in the form of a soft, pretty, fluffy snow day.  I love walking outside and hearing…well, pretty much nothing.  The way the snow muffles any noise is so peaceful to me.  It calms my soul.

snowy backyard by abi ruth10And I like how, when the outdoors is blanketed by snow, there’s a soft sort of glow that comes off the ground, even after dark.  I love the way snow covers the bare earth and trees like thick, shimmery lace.  The hopeless romantic in me appreciates the prettiness of snow.snowy backyard by abi ruth11Of course, I am lucky enough to live in a state where the snow doesn’t linger until it’s all crusted over with icy dirt.  Here, it’s gone within a day or two – a week at the very most.  So I enjoy it when we get it.

When we got a thick, pretty blanket of snow here this past weekend, I decided I should venture out into my backyard with my camera to document it.  I’m proud of myself for doing this, because in general I am terrible about just shooting for fun with my “real” camera.  I guess after doing photography as a job for so long {since 2001, y’all!}, I often don’t want to pick up my camera on a day off.  But no matter how much I adore my iPhone {and oh, do I!}, looking through the lens of my camera and adjusting the settings in order to get the result I want, truly does make me look at things in a different way.  I don’t ever want to lose that magic.

Even though capturing people on camera is my first and real true love when it comes to photography, I appreciate being able to use this tool for more than just that.  I’m trying to take less for granted, to appreciate more.  Whether it’s winter or the ability to capture life via photography, or just a quiet moment – I want to soak it all in.

Happy Monday, friends!

Stay warm.  Spring is almost here!  And meanwhile, enjoy the cold.


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MelissaMarch 5, 2015 - 2:21 am

I love all the seasons as well but I think fall is definitely my favourite – something about the leaves and the air and the clothes, I love. I need to start taking my camera out more. I love taking pictures with it so much but I always default to my iPhone and the quality is just not the same. Thanks for the inspiration!

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