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afternoon ramblings ~ things i wonder about sometimes plus my favorites

I love Google.  It’s my favorite.  Along with those Reese’s Peanut Butter Eggs, the color green, cute boys, and any and all cheese.

But seriously, I only ever search for anything on Google.  It’s the best, right?  But I don’t use Google Plus, or Google+, or however you write it.  I think I might actually have a Google+ account that I don’t ever remember setting up.  Maybe I got it automatically because I have Gmail or something.  Anyway, I have no desire to use Google+ because I use Twitter and I love it.

But then I remember when I had no desire to have a Facebook account because I was an avid MySpace user.  And we all know how that ended.  MySpace is so long-gone I can’t even remember if it’s supposed to be written as MySpace or Myspace.  Oh, spell check is telling me it’s “MySpace”.  Obviously, Facebook is where it’s at these days.  Facebook is my favorite.  That’s a lie, it’s not really my favorite anymore.  Instagram is.  And then Twitter.  Facebook is in third place.  I just like saying things are my favorite whenever I like them a lot.

Anyway, sometimes I wonder if Twitter and Facebook will ever be lame has-beens.  Or what about {gasp} Instagram?!  Surely that one won’t go away.  It’s my very, very favorite.

Also, sometimes I wonder whatever happened to Brian McKnight, Aundrea from Danity Kane, Eve with her bear paw print tattoos, and the fourth guy from BoyzIIMen.  Trust me, I could continue the strange list of random people who I occasionally wonder about.. But mostly, I wonder whatever happened to Gwen’s Harajuku Girls?  Do you think they like in a fabulous pink mansion in LA somewhere?  Maybe they are Gwen & Gavin’s live-in nannies?  Maybe they have their own line of knee socks that are wildly popular in Asia.

Those Harajuku Girls were my favorites.

Tell me about your favorites.  Tell me I’m not the only one who hears an old song on the radio and wonders whatever happened to the person singing it.  Tell me if you use Google+ and love it.  But don’t expect to find me there.

Because Twitter is my favorite.


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Kelly BeaneMarch 8, 2013 - 2:48 pm

Instagram RULES! None other like is, it’s my very, very favorite too. ;) I do wonder about Aundrea as well. Hmmmm…..

ShaKariMay 21, 2013 - 7:41 pm

You’re my favorite!

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