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afternoon ramblings ~ luxe lip oil for less plus a couple new blogs i discovered this week

Hey guys, it’s Friday – yay! It’s been a pretty fun, laid back week for me. This time of year is usually a bit of a slower pace, which is nice. While I still {always} have a million and one photo shoots to post on here, I like to share personal, chatty stuff along the way, too. In this post, we’re talking about lip oils and blogs. :)luxe lip oil treatment for lessOne of my favorite bloggers {and a true o.g. when it comes to blogging}, Joanna Goddard, has this really great ongoing series over on her blog Cup of Jo: it’s called My Beauty Uniform, and fabulous women share their beauty habits and secrets and knowledge. I love this series! Months and month ago, I had read where one of the women talked about using this Clarins lip oil, and I really wanted to buy it, but I just couldn’t justify spending twenty-five dollars on some lip gloss – even if it seemed really glorious. So, I did what I do anytime I find myself wanting something I shouldn’t buy: I pinned it.luxe lip oil treatmentI mean, doesn’t it just sound magical?clarins lip oilThen, lo and behold, the other day I came across this Milani lip oil while picking up some necessities from CVS. And hey, look at that: it’s only sixteen-and-a-half dollars cheaper than the Clarins stuff! Plus, they were buy one get one half off at CVS, and I had a five dollar coupon to use there. Cha-ching! You better believe I grabbed two of those things! I picked up Healing Lemon Honey and Repairing Primrose, and I loooove them. The oils feel so luxe on my lips. It’s an indulgent lipgloss that also really seems to be treating and healing my winter lip dryness.milani lip oil treatmentNow, to switch subjects somewhat drastically, let’s talk about a couple of blogs I discovered and subscribed to this week. The first is The Makerista, a really good home decor blog. the makerista blogWay, way back in the day, when I first started following blogs, I followed mostly photographers. Now, I hardly follow any photogs {which is why I like to keep the topics a bit diverse on here}, and instead I love reading good blogs about home decor and of course fashion/style blogs. But no matter what kind of blog, I always prefer ones with a strong personal narrative. So when I came across The Perfect Little Life on Instagram and clicked on her blog link, I was instantly hooked. the perfect little life blogBut don’t take my word for it – if you like following fun blogs, check these ladies out. And if you have any really cool blog recommendations, please share them in the comments!

Have a lovely weekend, friends!


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