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In addition to my photography, I also have an office job that is really perfect for my life and my schedule.  I generally work forty hours a week, but my bosses are very kind and laid back, and I’m able to be flexible with taking time off for doing shoots.  I like to joke that my day job is like my husband, in that it provides for me and brings in a steady paycheck.  My photography fulfills my need to create, but the income isn’t as steady {i.e. I don’t get a paycheck for a set amount every two weeks}.  Anyway, I also get to do the bulk of my editing during my day job hours, which is great!  My two jobs works pretty wonderfully together.  I consider both to be such blessings from God.

By Friday afternoon, as the work week is winding down, I usually have completed everything I needed to get done for the week.  So I’d say my most restless moments happen during this time.  I get a little antsy.  That desire for something more rears it’s head.  Sometimes, I get a little sad about not having a boyfriend or husband to go on a Friday night date with.

Today, I’m trying to banish the negative thoughts by occupying my mind in other ways.  For one, I’m writing this post.  Two, I’m about to jump over on Pinterest during my last ten minutes at the office and figure out some creative projects I can work on this weekend.  And of course, as always, I try to stop and talk with Jesus for a minute whenever I start to feel like life is just too blah.  It’s easy to find a lot of good things to thank Him for when I try!

How do you beat the blahs when you feel them trying to sneak into your heart and mind?


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